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  • Pinky
    You guys ready for some live tweet review splat? No? You're getting it anyway. Here we go. This one is The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 13 "Forget" (8 Mar. 2015)

    Before we start- I don't usually rewatch before I do these because 1- I'm incredibly lazy, and 2- I like keeping how I felt about the fan reactions fresh and pure in my mind. I took a little time and rewatched this morning, made notes, got a couple pix. I really don't care to expound, but I'm so ticked off at our gang right now I can't help lobbing a few thought splats onto the interwebs. As usual, pic snips click back to sources, and as usual, I'll restate my continually confirmed disclaimer that I usually wind up being wrong about things.

    Since I'm being more dramatic than usual, here is the original full opening theme. It's really cool.

    Right away, we establish that we are holding out hope, although I'm pretty sure there would be a riot if he did.

    I didn't come in during pre-show warmup so I wound up kinda jumping into a fray of nervous chatter, not unlike standing in a line somewhere. I took out a troll immediately with a report-and-block move and it felt just like killing a twitter zombie. #twitterstab It felt gooooood.

    I'll let you guys get oriented before I interrupt.

    Keep this picture in mind.

    Sasha is obliterating evidence. You guys remember that when the real apocalypse comes, don't go around blasting stuff.

    I have no idea who Emily Kinney is, but I do know that fermented foods is how our ancestors survived for millennia.

    Remember that we keep seeing these people.

    I actually know a person who would say the exact same thing about the picture frames, even during a zombie apocalypse.

    Carol is the ultimate black ops.

    If you're new, this is how it works- I'm allowed 10 media items per panel, so I'll link my progress here from twitter as I go. I'm off to upload more stuff.

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  • Pinky
    It happened too fast without them knowing enough.

    Kinda looks like the #SnarkAlecs

    I would say Ha, at least he doesn't have to do paperwork on this job, but how much you wanna bet they've got all kinds of paperwork he'll hafta fill out as if everything were still normal.

    Gotta wonder how Daryl smells about now. I know what a possum smells like.

    Someone just crank that fire hydrant.

    Rick got all the glory and nobody ate Daryl's possum. Time to restore some balance. Thanks for checking out my live tweet review.

    UPDATE- I did not realize this until this evening that a friend of mine had a tweet quoted on The Talking Dead, very exciting. Click to see sources.

    Last edited by Pinky; 03-02-2015, 06:01 PM.

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  • Pinky
    Carol is like a sleeper cell. That's awake.

    What if Carl likes a girl and she becomes a zombie and he's scarred for life? #awkward

    I still support gun hosiery.

    We presuppose that the once-humans don't realize this, though.

    Ok, ok, we got it, never hide a gun in a blender laying on a trash pile. (This will be on the test.)

    Yeah, even Rick looks a little surprised by that.

    Which takes people manning feeds, and a communication network...

    I'm rolling my eyes that someone had this in their stash ready to go.

    Pretty sure Carl has seen enough now to figure it out. He's the next gen world leader, he's all over this.

    Well, they thought they could take the guvna, and Carol totally saved their butts from Terminus, and they really didn't win at the hospital, so I'm not sure how they think they're going to take a whole neighborhood they haven't seen yet.

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  • Pinky

    Will the shave have been a big mistake? *_* I feel their chances of success have wildly skewed into unreal odds.

    What's with all this sudden trivia coming through? You guys are having some serious PTSD over this beard thing.

    Yeah, they make those cute little leash things now.

    Rick has a speedy face. It's an adaptive trait. Wild humans use facial hair to establish alpha status. Rick tamed down a little too quick.

    In some areas, NyQuil is known as 'Baptist Brandy'.

    Ok, the last tweet in this next one jerked me awake and I realized the lack of racial tweets this week, hadn't seen a single one in all the beard tweets where usually it's like every fifth one is about who's going to die next because they're black, so does this tweet mean diversity like racial, or diversity like all kinds of enabled people vs the burb? I haven't rewatched yet, so I'm super curious now if this is a clue to the next big problem they encounter.

    Rick's bears, lol.

    Daryl folded up shop. Someone needs to make him a possum sandwich.

    Carol has a plan....

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  • Pinky
    Voices of wisdom, yea verily.

    Can you imagine being able to do facebook updates during the apocalypse? I mean, that's what I'd be doing if I had a Rick Grimes Beard facebook page. You could get the characters reacting with comments. Personally, he lost power points with me.

    Poor Daryl...

    Ok, I'll try to let the beard thing go if you guys will.

    Or not...

    I can't even imagine Daryl fans going through what the Rick fans just went through.

    A tweet came through about how this suddenly turned into a daytime type soap opera, and even though I didn't retweet, I agree.

    Sorry, spaced and started actually watching. You might have missed something big here.

    Some of you are still stuck a few minutes back. Smell that lather...

    Here, have some completely sporadic nonsense while I get more stuff uploaded.

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  • Pinky
    If you haven't seen the show yet, I'll leave you to wonder about this.

    Agreed, but too bad he doesn't have that horse now.

    This wound up being retweeted into a weird shower account.

    I'm trying to remember the last time a beard became a true pop icon. Rick even beats Wil Wheaton's beard thing. By the way, yes, Wil Wheaton's beard has a twitter account but it died a long time ago.

    This was actually more shocking for me to watch than the zombie killing.

    Twitter divided into two solid camps after that and never let go of it the rest of the show. Is there anyone else on this earth who has ever created love/hate issues this intense in only a matter of seconds? Again, if you have not yet seen this episode, prepare for squeaky clean full torso nudity and a baby face. I felt like my eyes were being molested. #RIPRicksBeard We knew you well.

    The weeping went up across the nation.


    Would someone please just let Daryl feed people his possum? I feel like I'm watching a Wall Street crash around the worth of Daryl or something.

    The Daryl fans are holding out hope...

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  • Pinky
    Never underestimate the nutritional value of a possum.

    Some of us know how to make sock weapons. If you ever hafta lay your guns on the table, feel confident in your sox.

    There seem to be 3 Rick's beard accounts, but the real @ricksbeard is a doofus who doesn't know the goldmine he's got.

    I'm still waiting for the breeding camps and a random World Health Organization person showing up who knows another snippet of useless information.

    Bite your razor-speaking tongue. >=l He's MOSES.

    Note to guys: marry a woman who can kill, gut, and cook stuff and then make leather clothing and shoes in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Some of us are pretty capable.

    Gold stars to people who know that Disney is rumored to be linked with *cough* reprogramming *cough*. Good tweet.

    @bonenado totally jumped on the Lost feel, too.

    I keep getting this "You will be tested on this part" feeling.

    I love that word- magnificent. Keep that in mind.

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  • Pinky
    This week's live tweet review of The Walking Dead is episode s5ep12 Remember, aptly named, as we shall soon see, although in a way I'm sure wasn't intentional. Pic snips link back to sources, be sure and click those for the full view since most of them are too big to snip in full.

    By the way, just a reminder, TWD goes on break again at the end of this month.

    Just to interject, we don't know if a vaccine was what started this whole thing, so everyone hold your horses. Not taking sides, just saying it's a tv show.

    We're actually in pre-show warm up in this panel. Ten pix allowed per panel, so this will go on a bit. I'm really into fan luv, you guys are awesome.

    There's gotta be some big retail stores...

    My fave part of live tweets is the interdimensional layering.

    And for that, we thank you.

    Oddly, I haven't lost followers during Walking Dead live tweets in months.

    It's probably because I hand out protection. I believe in being courteous to my followers.

    THIS completely changed the way my feed came in for awhile.

    You can click this next one to see how high that retweet count went. I blame this and my current state of tech fail for not being able to stay caught up with my usual awesome gangs, but I still got some worthy fan shock.

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  • Pinky
    So... I got what I asked for, just once take a road trip without a spectacular crash. ~my bad~ Sorry, guys.

    I think twitter is finally calming down. That kiss rattled more of you than all the cannibalism and worm/dog eating did.

    For a stoic guy, he really is the persona of pent up emotion, isn't he?

    A- You KNOW it's going to get really warped about kids now, 2- they're trying to hire Rick's crew as mercenaries to keep them safe, and D- Carl is going to hafta straighten EVERYONE out and save the children. (I'm using the Buzz bullet point method.) (Home Alone 2? No comprende?)

    Judith is facepalming baby style, guys...

    I just think this is laughable because so many of the social media experts have no twitter savvy at all.

    And she's gorgeous. And awesome.

    Me too.

    Possible scenarios- this place is actually great and gets super attacked, they all get split up again while mercenary Rick and the guys are on patrol, all the kids get chickenpox, Judith becomes a zombie and we have to watch Rick fall apart, Rick shaves and melts Daryl, Noah shows up and runs a lot, Carol finds out she's allergic to bee stings while she's learning to make beeswax candles, Glenn gets a tattoo, Maggy finds a puppy and then Sasha eats it, ok, I've gotta let this go.

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  • Pinky
    Right about here, I realized I missed some good stuff because I was speed reading the live tweet...

    I caught something about a possibly broken ankle playing some kind of ball and then this.

    And there was stuff like this flying at me.

    And I never checked this time zone, but that really does suck, I feel ya, but dang, it took awhile to tweet it, which I found confusing since I'm a detail person, maybe came in late to find DVR fail or something.

    Yeah, crickets...

    I was a lone cricket rechirping some of these tweets.

    Narwhals!!!! =D

    Glenndale. =D

    :EDIT: Sorry, guys, racing a wireless guy about to climb up on my roof and change out a radio.

    Wait, what? Just how lost am I? I was speed reading past so many shock-about-the-gays tweets that I must have really missed some stuff.

    Hang on, one more panel.

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  • Pinky
    Stifling laughs over you guys while Scott tries to actually watch the show kind of increases the tension in my marriage on Sunday evenings, but I believe that humor is an optimal survival tool. Milly gets 3 gold stars.

    I'm mushing up with love for my twitter peeps here. I will sing Bohemian Rhapsody with ANY of you in ANY apocalypse. ~twitterhug~

    *wipes tear and whispers- I love you guys* (rough week. meds. stuff.)

    Racial immunity??? o_o

    Original #zombieflare tweet was made in 2010 by a movement called Flarecaster, which turned out to be a cool site, for those of you who like trivia.

    Some of you are already scheming up cool new Halloween plans.

    Flare Walker, Texas Zombie.

    Fifth person to use this hashtag during the live tweet, but unfortunately for all of you, there are two selfie #flareface tweets earlier in the year. Drat.

    By season 20 they'll have evolved into a new species.

    Twitter is on the verge of bifurcating into bizarro world...

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  • Pinky
    I have food aversions, too. I would have played the allergy card. Here let me pop a benadryl first...

    Where all has that pistol handle been? +_+

    Gold star on this tweet, you rock. #bigfoot

    So what are we, years into the apocalypse now? I would have asked to see the expiration date, tested the lid, asked if it had been home canned, where they got the apples if it was... Really old jars of applesauce turn dark. I feel the writing team could use a foodie on staff.

    YES, IT'S CREEPY!!! I couldn't believe all the tweets coming through on Aaron's side this episode, it's like you all forgot your apocalypse training overnight. Y'all are identifying way too much with the characters' exhaustion and wanting an easy way out. GET TOUGH!!! >=l

    Seriously. Much better.

    If Rick were smart he'd plant some radishes in that beard.

    I'm actually ok with Michonne making the call because she'll get that sword swinging pronto if anything goes wrong. Michonne's sword trumps Rick's beard. Rick might oughta consider a beard protection device, now that I think about it. If she ever debeards him, no one will follow him any more.

    Michonne wasn't lined up at the tank, she was in a BOX. Makes a big difference in her perception, compared to how Rick sees things. There should've been more Carol and Daryl input on this one.

    It is becoming a truly glorious beard.

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  • Pinky
    Ok, so the entire first quarter of this episode is a live commercial...

    I'm going to walk around saying "It's a tarp!" That's my thing now.

    Rick takes direction well, that's why his character has lasted so long.

    Saving this one, just in case.

    I would love to see them make it through one road trip without some kind of spectacular crash.

    I need to rewatch that bit, had my ears perked up for 144. Can I blow your minds for a minute, since we keep getting hints of religious significance more and more as time goes by? Cyril of Alexandria was the Patriarch of Alexandria from 412 to 444. READ THAT. Ask yourself what happened in 444? I could be way off the mark, but it seems to me they keep making a point of the zombie apocalypse twisting up faith, since that word and visual symbols of it come up so often. Just saying. I don't trust Aaron, who, by the way, was also Moses' brother and diplomatic messenger and LIED and grievously misdirected the people to idol worship. (I am the result of growing up with a parent consumed with numerology and prophecy. Please excuse me while I go off on dramatic tangents.)

    I still think Abraham is immune. I've been thinking that for several episodes.

    Loving twitter's full range of practical application to emotional justifications...



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  • Pinky
    The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 11 The Distance (22 Feb. 2015)
    Ya'll can probably tell I'm pasting this morning. Whatever works. February is hard, yo.

    Had my own little warm up gang going for a few seconds.


    I geared up for this one. If I'm ever a billionaire I'm going to come out with my own line of Apocalypse Sox as part of the Pinky's Sox collection.

    Just for the record, my GAF score on a good day is 51-60. I actually am more likely to shoot what feels out of place in a tense situation, no questions asked. I'm sure in a zombie apocalypse I will stab my loved ones if they freak me out driving like Lori. Just a heads up.

    Sprint already has me trained to expect to see narwhals. Most successful advertising EVER. I'm Pavlov's dog all over The Walking Dead waiting for narwhals.

    This would make a good narwhal training video. Click it. Come back eventually.

    I feel like psyche analyzing u guys today. Already I see you being trained to respond to Judith's every response. By the way, her very first cry made me jump and look around because I thought my Bunny and her mama must have walked in the door. That surround sound was awesome.

    Jehovah Witness.

    The surrealism begins...

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  • Pinky
    Makes you wonder, doesn't it? I've seen fans bomb sets for years, how would anyone know if a really good makeup zombie fan got onto the set?

    I loved this whole ending scene. Those of us who know this morning- *hugs*.

    And I would've at least shot him in the foot.

    Because this can't be real...

    I got chills, like you just know they're in a Hypercube simulation or something. Or maybe we are. Yes, us, the viewing audience. Maybe this whole Walking Dead experiment is on US.

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