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  • Pinky
    Before I get going again, I just wanna take a quick look here. You see how Daryl's pants legs are tied around like that? I've done that to keep ticks and ants from crawling up my legs. I've been wondering all year long why they don't get insects involved somehow, like rejecting zombies as food or something. Also, is it just me, or did he pick up a different pair of shoes from last season or so? I thought he had boots.

    Ok, sorry, back to the live tweet. As per my usual, I'm a bit lost by this point, even though this ep went so slow and I actually kept forgetting to retweet and watched the show.

    Y'all noticed the rain started after Daryl was able to start crying, right? And it continued to rain until he stopped crying. Just saying.

    Skip a buncha stuff inside the barn because I was so spaced. Please forgive me grabbing a 'floating squirrel' for 'walking dead', I was pretty medicated this weekend, struck me funny. Now I'm clueless wondering why I did that.

    I am truly thankful for you guys. All you guys. I love you. You know that, right?

    I think Rick needed a worm. Those were the words of a starving man.

    Bigger question- are we really doing the Providence play with this ep? Starting with the whole Maggy seeing the bible in the barn, my first thought was all the directions that could go- 1- build her up and break her, 2- she goes super crazy like one of the four horsemen, or 3- she turns into Hershel, becomes the next voice of wisdom, and then gets bodily mangled and beheaded. I could be wrong, of course, like I am nearly every single time I make a guess.

    Well played, AMC.

    One more panel, guys.

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  • Pinky
    I think it's apt to say that twitter exploded over the dogs.

    But moving on. Here, have another Daryl pic, it's the least I can do for taking so long getting this up.

    I'll get the rest up tomorrow.

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  • Pinky
    Sorry this is taking all day. Here, have a sad Daryl pic.

    What the heck, everybody is sad. They would be making worm stew, but there's no water.

    Even Rick's beard has been picked clean.

    There is no happiness to report. No, don't get up, just sit there and stay sad. I'll come be sad with you.

    Too bad they can't tweet or something. Honestly, this was the slowest live tweet event I'd ever seen for TWD. We kinda got lulled into their brain deadness. It was almost like we were being emotionally drained along with them. Those of you who missed that- they gotcha. You internalized their despair and Sasha's anger and Maggie's venom and Gabriel's lost faith and mirrored it on twitter. So, I'm filling in here for you guys. We needed more narwhal commercials or something.


    Daryl pretends to reach for his stash of worms... Noah is unphased, he's still in noob stage.

    Thank goodness, twitter is snapping out of it, yay! We'll see how you guys would handle being in their shoes in the next panel.

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  • Pinky
    I would've said that way back to the guvna...

    Start stashing back NOW. If this show has taught you anything, it's start hoarding flour and cake mix in giant plastic containers for the future. You'll make it, you've just gotta start thinking positive.

    @bonenado is always quoting this kind of stuff to me because I'm a klutz. This tweet wins my fav of the year award.

    Rick's face IS the ambush...

    That commercial successfully screeched my brain to a stop.

    Word. Except I'm usually the one talking, especially when I'm cracking up at the live tweet feed and trying to share with @bonenado, and he has to go all SpongeBob on me telling me to shut up.

    I know exactly how I feel about this. You slip on me with a zombie knife, I slip back, even Steven. BOOYA.

    Ah, but would you EAT them? We eat those thangs in Missouri. click for pix

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  • Pinky
    I used to feed 6-8" nightcrawlers to my chickens on hot summer days. THAT was a tiny worm. Daryl is gonna starve to death.

    I was thinking cranky wimmin gonna stuff some of you with dirt if you don't shut up your whining.

    No kidding about the Carl growth spurt, a gallon of pudding goes a long way, apparently. Imagine what a few worms would do for Judith.

    I actually missed retweeting anything for this scene, so I feel obligated to make up for it.

    I vote Moses.

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  • Pinky
    I said last time that I wouldn't do the warm up this time because it takes up so much room, but I got y'all a surprise instead that I'll probably facepalm and regret, but here we go. =D This is episode s5ep10 Them from 2-15-15. Btw, smilies count as images in these panels, & I have a 10 image limit per panel, so yeah, stone-age emoticons. Also, images click out to original sources.

    Good question. We're all in Missouri guarding the Kraft cheese cave.

    I'm actually glad someone pointed out the obvious. Because obviousness just isn't obvious enough. Zombies don't take a holiday, people! >=l

    Heads up, snake! Too late, you can't unsee it. I imagine the biggest thing on some minds is 'omg, Norman Reedus touched that snake!' The snake is set for life.

    Were you excited? I was excited.

    We're all thinking this. Good lord, he's in everything else. Since we're on the subject, I'll just throw in *cough*GeraldWebb*cough* for consideration.

    Super sweet! =)

    You ready to rock it? Get it- rock it. I know, shut up and play...

    Here's part of the surprise. =) You're welcome.

    Ok, you know the drill. Hang on while I load more.

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  • Pinky
    Would you guys believe I still haven't done a rewatch since the live tweet? I can't wait to go watch it with both eyes on now since I saw all your tweets.

    So basically what we got with this episode is what it's like being inside the infected mind. What does it really feel like going zombie? I loved it. Wonder if proximity and timing have a lot to do with that. Hershel's leg was bound very tightly almost immediately, Tyreese's arm was not and that blood flow was a lot closer to his head. Also, if they're already all infected, wonder if that actually makes a difference. And not to psyche analyze too terribly closely, but who wound up being whom during the fever? Because suddenly all the ghosts were real people. Do you think there is a reason that Tyreese was seeing each real person as a particular ghost? I'll probably hafta frame by frame a couple of places.

    I'll probably skip warm up next week. Could tell you guys were coming off a long, dry spell, was pretty crazy out there.

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  • Pinky
    One little faux pas...

    Wonder if Soros watches Walking Dead...

    I'm glad she didn't sound like a zombie!

    I know... shhh....

    I had my fingers crossed really hard, I was hoping so hard he was immune and just fighting through a weird fever.



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  • Pinky
    I wonder if doctors like watching this show.

    Buck up! >=l We'll need you to be strong when the zombie apocalypse starts!


    But it's ok because we're all eating for two or three, right? We've gotta keep our characters going while they're starving half to death. #justified

    I am totally with you. I really did believe this.

    I want some of what you're using. I was so tense just reading twitter on my laptop my eyeballs could've exploded.

    Yeah, THIS is what my head was like.

    Couple of stamps right there. *CLAIM* *CLAIM*

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  • Pinky
    Typical third quarter, people start reeling away in a variety of directions like little quarks after an atom smash.

    I didn't see a single Picard meme coming through. That's what I was thinking right about now.

    These kinds of tweets make me want to give out prizes or something. I wanna walk around twitter with a little stamper and put CLAIMED on tweets like these.

    Oh, Ashley...

    Did anyone else wonder during this weirdness if zombies could somehow steal souls and keep using them? No?

    My first horrified shock was that you would actually cut an arm off your Funko, dude. I get way too wrapped up in these shows.

    We interrupt this extremely tense moment to remind everyone whaaaa? #facepalm

    Ok, you're gonna regret saying this when it's Daryl's turn to lose an arm. How many of us were going "Thank you God that it's not Daryl"?

    Real world awareness alert.

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  • Pinky
    I doubt we see anyone deal with another real illness in this show since they did the prison flu.

    Somewhere there's a zombie still stuck on a riding lawnmower.

    I found the Wiltshire Estates (Comic Series) link for you. You're welcome.

    Egads, you joined in progress??? That takes some real fortitude.

    Noah's been surviving inner city big brother's house, give a noob a break. Imagine him lined up by that stainless steel butchering tub, probably would've fainted.

    Dawn gets a gold star.

    He might be feeling a little metro after all that superhero stuff. Updating his apocalypse selfie.

    Gabriel couldn't keep running on a sore foot after he pulled out a nail, Noah keeps running no matter what. Interesting these are both biblical names. Wonder if there's a weird connection somewhere.

    Be back, yo.

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  • Pinky
    Oopsie, maybe put the phone on mute, just chill. Can you just see us all during a real zombie apocalypse, diving en masse on a ringing phone.

    Right up on that last minute now...

    And immediately the frenzy stops and organizes itself into little observational groups. Is anyone studying the social psychology of group watching this show? Here, I looked it up for you with this search phrase. the social psychology of live tweeting the walking dead You're welcome.

    Yeah, my psychologist asks the same question, ExBEERience.

    I know, right? All that built up blood pressure and nowhere now for it to go.

    So, Rick turns into Hershel, Judith becomes the next Beth... What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Pinky
    Preach it.

    Should we worry if a whole nation is being encultured to jump like someone threw a snake on them when they hear "Look at the flowers"? Click for the punchline.

    The Doctor, yay!

    Wonder how many people pat real steel during this show. o_o

    I also marked this next one with a special tweet.



    I swear the next panel finally gets to the show starting. Hang on.

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  • Pinky
    I tried jumping over the the #AskTWD feed and then said forget it, that was insane.


    Does anyone know how many Walking Dead Funkos there are now? I think they're all adorable. I want a Rick Grimes keychain.

    Time is dragging like...

    Right now twitter feels like thumbing through magazines in a waiting room or something.

    The little obligatory moments of silence flit in and out of the feed.

    #facepalm You're kidding me, we still have that long?

    Lotta natives getting restless.

    Are people screening new eps in church now? Where is this?

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  • Pinky
    K, guys, let's get on this one, strap in for the live tweet review of The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 9 What Happened and What's Going On (8 Feb. 2015)

    Twitter revved up to full steam about 30 minutes before the new ep started, so I started picking up the warm up tweets.

    As always, snipped pix click out to original sources so u can see the full tweet because some are too big to snip full sized.

    And as usual I generally had no idea what's really going on because I was racing through 10,000 tweets a minute retweeting your awesomeness because the fans are what makes The Walking Dead awesome for me.

    I've noticed my live tweet reviews have been getting longer, and I fear today might break a new record. This forum allows ten images per panel, and since my phone worthiness has nosedived over the winter, I spent more quality time retweeting from my laptop instead of tweeting my own live TV shots, occasionally syncing with what @bonenado was actually seeing on the TV.

    It's just a beautiful experience every time I do this.

    Yes, but it's a GOOD waste of time.

    Oh, and this destroyed me. I epic failed to get any kind of snacks ready.

    So you know how this goes, I'll work on this all day and tweet a link every time a new panel is up.

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