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  • Pinky
    Saved this for last. I really liked Beth. This tweet happened just today *wow*.

    I actually saw this tweet coming through during the original live tweet and didn't retweet it because I don't put the real spoilers into my timeline, despite how prolifically I retweet. Super awesome that it wound up being featured on Talking Dead. Check it out, it's from a tiny little account with only 11 tweets and got over 500 retweets. I followed it, click that and go follow yourselves.

    I think it was very sweet that Beth never became a zombie.

    And we (and especially poor Daryl) get to remember her as beautiful and not a horrible rotting mess.

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  • Pinky
    I felt like a stunned rabbit frozen in the headlights.

    And suddenly... Morgan.

    So the show is over here but there's no way I could let it go yet. I'm a big Keegan fan.

    That's a lot of days.

    Denial was the only way forward. Yeah, I really was in retweet jail. First time ever during Walking Dead.

    So if you click this one you really do go to pink Daryl stuff.

    Desperation sets in. This is probably why toys were invented.

    I've actually got one more panel. Don't worry, it's cool.

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  • Pinky
    *weeping* We were so innocent back then...

    Who'd a thunk, TYREESE, amIright?

    TWEET. OF. THE. NIGHT. The rest of you can go home now.

    Now they just teasin. #Ricktatorship

    Because RICK.

    You can tell this is the 3rd quarter nerve buzz.


    I felt like my brain was being toyed with. I could FEEL it.

    Confidence. They gave us confidence.



    Nearly there.

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  • Pinky
    Really feel like we should be going through the lab and medical records to see if there's any more notation on 'zombie virus', but oh well...

    You guys are gonna be in nursing homes one day whining that your kids don't come see you, and Maggie is gonna be smashing the room up killing the nurses, capiche?

    The Les Miserable tweet gets ten gold stars.

    I did glance up at this part in between tweets. I couldn't believe how it turned out.

    ME. TOO.

    I know, we're all shaking Carol in our heads, right?

    At least it wasn't a green lollipop.


    Wow, he's really evolved, hasn't he?

    Couple more panels coming.

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  • Pinky
    You guys are gross, you know that. We're getting to the magical part of the tweet fest where people float off into their own little weird random bubbles. I wanna know if this tweeter really got pepper sprayed.

    Don't tell me you missed that eye secks. Bros before oh you guys know what I mean.

    Have a feeling that bike will be a topic for a long time. I know I was surprised.

    This I truly did not understand, being so patient with a trippin pastor after all the stuff they've been through. In case you guys didn't look up the bible verses inside the church, here you go. Pretty sure this guy is terrified that he got missed in the rapture and he's stuck in the tribulation now, and he thinks his parishioners have risen from the grave. And if that's the case, he has no hope, because all that means his soul is lost. And people with no hope do irrational things...

    Back to dealin with reality.

    Totally LOLed at that Judith tweet.

    Personally, I think Maggie will be the next one to crack when season resumes next spring. We'll see.

    More Black Friday angst shining through.

    Still going, hang on.

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  • Pinky
    >_< Bob's Burgers...

    Yeah, I kept wondering about the health of Gabriel's foot, did he go into a massive sepsis in his leg or something? Not that hard to keep walking on your foot after you've had a nail in it, especially if your life depends on it. And he pulled it out like a big boy.

    I haven't rewatched yet, did we *ever* find out who scratched the "You're gonna burn" in the side of the church?

    It was all you guys. I didn't even watch this scene. #fanofthefans

    People are far too nice to fellows of the cloth, as it were. I'd have thrown him and let him surf the horde.

    Someone must've been traumatized over the big Black Friday shopping weekend, lol.

    I can't help it, just wanna hose these guys off. We need an ep where we watch everyone take showers.

    More coming.

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  • Pinky
    All righty, guys, last episode of 2014 and I actually got in trubba on twitter for spoilers, lolz, got a little bomb emoji and everything, crack me up. Don't worry, good friend of mine, it's cool. This was s5ep8 'Coda', and if you've arrived here from a link and have not yet seen this episode, it's totally on you if you don't tape your eyes shut right now, because there might just be a spoiler. Interestingly, I think think I'm the only person that live tweeted who DIDN'T blurt out the biggest spoiler of all. But you'll get definite hints here, so scroll backward and read the older reviews or something if you're not caught up yet.

    As usual, the tweets with pix click back to source, which is advisable since they're too big to snip at source, so I just snip in the feed and link them.

    Especially since this is the last show for awhile...

    The tension on twitter was palpable, as they say. I could've strummed my feed like a guitar it was wound so tight.

    Some of you were wringing your hands so hard your new phones got all bendy.

    BENDY, I tell you. My nerves were shot just reading the pretweets.

    True to my nature, I forgot to even live tweet till stuff started happening because I was so caught up in the feed, but I finally got my head on. I see some of you are still here with one eye open, so this is the last time I'm going to say SPOILER ALERT.

    Rick's back, and he can do. no. wrong.

    Yes, we not only went there but kept throwing it out there like parade candy. What's wrong with you guys??? lol

    You know the drill, I'll be back in a little while with more.

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  • Pinky
    This is what happens to people who miss Walking Dead live tweets.

    Yes, I missed last week's tweet fest, but I did watch s5ep9 "Crossed" twice on my own time and felt sick with anxiety during this part both times, so I guess I have to admit they've got me pretty hooked, even though I tell myself I could give it up any time.

    I'm really sorry I missed this part with you guys, I'm sure it woulda fried my laptop.

    Who's sending out Walking Dead holiday cards this year? Yeah, click that.

    Surely Santa knows you're wanting Walking Dead apparel under the tree.

    And toys!!!

    It's up to you guys to scroll through all that stuff after you click the pix, I'm distracted.

    Crossing my fingers that I don't miss tomorrow's live tweet before they leave us hanging for awhile. I appreciate you guys for checking back here, apologies for dropping the ball this week! Speaking of balls, haha. Yeah, click that.

    Seriously though, how many of you have gotten crossbows for Christmas since this show started?

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  • Pinky
    Oops, another big SPOILER here, so shut your eyes if you haven't seen the show yet. Wouldn't it be cool if Daryl Dixon really was a fantasy football pick?

    Lotta wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff going on, but one of these days we'll really know for sure about who was with Daryl. Almost feels like a game show at this point with all the guessing that's been going on.

    Couple of stragglers coming through after the show was over for me. I almost asked @mattyboy5150 if he'd rather be watching The Walking Dead but decided it might be one of those convos that gets weird. Well, it's always weird when he tweets to me. He laughed at me a year or so ago about accidentally winding up in the men's restroom at a Walmart. It would be awesome if he was IN The Walking Dead...

    Short convo with @holidill here, you can't see it all (twitter runs from the bottom up for nonusers reading this thread). He's awesome about comics, does a radio show called the Comic Haul, you can check out past shows and other things he's done on his youtube channel, more stuff and info on this page.

    Perfect way to wrap this review up, I think.

    Me either!!!

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  • Pinky
    Y'all know by now that twitter fans are the real stars of this show, right?

    I would love to do a social psychology write up on how multidimensional stories become mixing real time social media into them.

    TELL me you all have seen Machete.

    What did become of that???

    Have you guys noticed I kept nabbing @MJCaan tweets this time? The feed whizzes by so fast I don't have time to see who is doing what tweets, I just grab good ones and keep going. But since we're here, quick, go check out his book.

    Me too!

    Hang on, one more panel coming.

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  • Pinky
    Like Samson, right?

    I saw a lot of tweets about that black eye. I would need a proper timeline... but wait! I found a slew of Walking Dead timeline posts, here, try this one. The Walking Dead Season 5 Overlapping Episode Timelines: When Is Everything Happening? I found his black eye mentioned in this old spoiler post from last summer. ‘«ˇThe Walking Dead‘«÷ Season 5 Spoilers: Daryl Dixon Looks Beat up in NEW Photo, Rumors of ‘«ˇDeath Dinner‘«÷

    Ok, y'alls, spoiler alert warning, proceed with caution because the rest of this panel is total spoiler after this pic.

    I lost it right here. Just lost it. I have no idea if it's a late tweet or something one of them said in the show triggered it.

    Got a few more, hang in there.

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  • Pinky
    From here on out you're on your own. I almost solely watched the feed because it was awesome, and Scott sat by me watching the TV, so once in awhile I'd ask if this or that was happening (and he'd say yes) or ask what in the world did something something mean and he'd tell me what the scene was. I can't even imagine getting through an episode of Walking Dead by myself in a room without other thoughts out there bouncing around like ping pong balls.

    Just a note- I've cleaned in a hospital, the smell in the part of lab where they incubate or 'cook' samples can really turn a person's stomach. I think of that smell every time a show thinks they're cool finding a dead body in an airplane microwave, because it's just not possible everyone on board wouldn't be puking over the smell. Ok, sorry about that, on with the show.

    Yes, I intend to rewatch this episode, I HAVE to see this part.

    So true. You people on twitter make your Walmart jokes... lol.

    By this time the feed was bogging down and I was hopelessly out of sync with the live tweet, so I had to reload my browser. Twitter was going insane.

    Anybody out there go buy a crossbow to hunt with because of Daryl? We have one of the older models, need strong arms to handle it.

    You be checking that out while I get more ready.

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  • Pinky
    Ok, rockin' along, it's the Carol Show...

    LOL, yeah.

    Personally, I think their flashback stories are awesome. I really do. I never read the comics, I'm not a shipper, I don't really take sides, and I'm thinking the crew is doing a beautiful job bringing us entire personal histories of growth through shock and emotional roller coasters in such short time slots this season.

    You guys tickle me.

    This. Is. Cute.

    Hang on, gotta stop and check out this cool t-shirt. Click it.

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  • Pinky
    So we finally got a Daryl episode, yay! And y'all broke the internet even worse than the last two weeks. I didn't even try to pull multiple feeds in for this one, was all my poor laptop could do to keep up with the main #TheWalkingDead hashtag. This was s5ep6 from 11-16-14.

    As usual, pregame warm up. And as usual, snips with pix click back to original source. You're welcome.

    This next one clicks to a wiki in case you're wondering what the Vatos are.


    Noshavember, haha.

    We got stuck in an aisle in Sam's couple of weekends ago behind a big family with two very loaded carts like they were shopping for the apocalypse. Some people take it pretty seriously where I live.

    Half of you just did this with your tongue as soon as you saw it.

    When I first came on board I wasn't a Carol fan. Didn't take long. RESPECT.

    Word, sister.

    In your wildest dreams did you ever think ten years ago that your fave show would be about people who never take baths? Me either.

    But this- *wiping tear* THIS is the best part for me.

    Hang on while I go load some more.

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  • Pinky
    Personally, I thought this was as awesome as seeing someone's heart get ripped out.

    Have a feeling this is something that'll take a long time to get over...

    Perfectly summed up.

    Since I've got all this extra room, here's a little something I've been saving back. I grabbed these with my phone as AMC ran it just before they aired this fall's season premier.

    Thanks for checking out this week's live tweet review. Please to enjoy The Walking Dead Parody by The Hillywood Show?ę before you go. They uploaded 3 days ago, already over 180,000 views, really nice job for a bunch of kids that grew up doing parodies together, now full fledged film production professionals.

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