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  • Pinky
    There really is a zombienado movie project, I think it looks pretty cool. Ok, back to the tweet review.

    Thus begins the slide into the delicate anguishy storytelling that was so brilliantly done through the rest of the episode. Twitter exploded.

    Beth could sort this out real quick... just sayin.

    Yeah, Abraham was *s*h*r*e*d*d*e*d*.

    No one breaks the internet like The Walking Dead. One more panel coming.

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  • Pinky
    SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't seen the show yet, you really need to shut your eyes now.

    Hey, dogs do it. Where are the dogs, anyway?

    Proof that I tore my eyes off the feeds and actually looked up at my screen once in awhile.

    Proof that I immediately glued back to the feeds.

    Proof that I should have been watching my screen because I have no idea.

    I think this would have been a good Talking Dead question.

    Awesome pun, just so dated yourself, man.

    Possibly insinuating that Asylum borrowed from Snarkalec Radio? o_O Walking Dead politics take a sharp turn.

    You noticing the pattern, too? You can almost map out the 4 quarters of each episode by the kind of response that's going on. We just progressed through the intelligent brain storming quarter, everyone is about synced back up and now we're nearing the last loop on the roller coaster ride.

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  • Pinky
    Too bad Eugene doesn't translate into a cool mashtag of some kind, woulda been a great night for Eugene to trend. Every Eugene on twitter would have floated in ecstasy.

    Well, technically....


    You'd think they'd all be hitting up pharmacies, I know I would.

    WWDDD? What would Daryl Dixon do? We'll never know.

    Like, the Walking Bears... I was surprised I didn't see any puns like that, sure saw a lot of 'Bears suck, may as well watch TWD' tweets, as if this kind of priority tier were actually a viable lifestyle. Just sayin.

    Now now, don't be like those Moffat haters.

    It's like being in a third grade classroom. Or a college classroom. Take your pick, I've done both. I was always the underground leader of rebels type so I really don't make a good teacher. Probably why I love fans so much. Y'all are awesome.

    Yeah, scattered like a herd of third graders. Three different scenes staggering through the feeds, those of you who were worried about spoilers, joke's on you.

    Like being at a stoner party, wtf is going on? I can't stop laughing. Twitter makes everything all better. The best spoiler of all is that we literally couldn't see the scene, was hilarious watching the whole eastern half of the United States going wtf all at the same time. *reliving the moment*

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  • Pinky
    Let's start this panel off with some random danglers. Live tweets get pretty weird because time stamps and retweets are all over the place. Think of these as teasers.

    Remember, click to pop the whole thing open.

    All right, where were we? Something about a bus. There may be a few minor spoilers here.


    Just got noticed, dude. #bumpit

    Is Eugene in the Walking Dead game yet? Just asking.

    Hang on, more on the way.

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  • Pinky
    Dress to impress, time to watch some Walking Dead! Episode Self Help s5ep5 aired on 11-9-14. Most of the screen snips containing pix click back to source, including this one.

    It's like pre-game warm up.


    LOL, that one actually got a reply! That was so cool I snipped it real big.

    Definitely click and pop this one open.

    Wow, that's cool.

    Holly at the helm, on it like Daryl with his crossbow, got the shot.

    STOP. If you haven't seen this ep yet, resist moving on in case you run into spoilers. Which is actually kinda rare in my reviews because I tend to miss the big stuff. But ye have been duly warned.

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  • Pinky
    Yeah, that got pretty tense.

    Sorry so blurry, I was really impatient. I loved this whole escape scene.

    But... why is Beth more valuable? (Pending this next comment.) Because I had the feeling all through the show there was something even dirtier lurking beneath the surface agenda in that hospital. I wonder if someone's got a twisted survival breeding program planned...


    I'm still confused whether Jake was IN the show or just a commercial, may rewatch for that. I can't believe how many people actually tweet about Jake from State Farm when he pops up during the Walking Dead.

    Starbucks really should've gotten in on this.

    I'm not even going to pretend to project what might happen now. The twitters went berserk when this happened.

    Yep. Also saw several hundred tweets predicting who would be with Daryl when we see him next. I'm done with what I've got. Thanx for all the views this week!

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  • Pinky
    I skipped some stuff and now we're at the point where people start throwing bets out. I have a feeling the agenda in this hospital is as twisted as any we've seen up to this point anywhere else.

    Anyone else bothered by needles more than blood and zombies? @bonenado about croaks off every time they show a needle going in.

    We interrupt this live tweet to date this review with one of the jillion #alexfromtarget parody tweets flying around. Sorry, I didn't get a link for this one. I liked the blue hair.

    Back to business. This one is linked.


    Now now....

    Anybody else do creepy Rob Lowe for Halloween? lol

    I never did like the green suckers, that scene nailed that lid down for~e~ver.

    If you've made it this far and still have not seen this episode, I'm totally leaving this as a surprise.

    In case you're keeping score...

    Hang on. One more panel.

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  • Pinky
    About this time, as per my usual, I started getting lost because I was watching the feeds more than I was the TV. I'm realizing as I'm trying to figure this out that I have apparently never time synched my Nelson account. We're about to free float through some of that weird Beth luv, lol.

    The last tweet in this next one, lol

    Experience addiction is a thing I wrote about --> The Walking Dead- What would you do to survive? My question now is- Who are the ~real~ hardcore fans, the Beth lovers or the bored Beth haters? Y'all realize she was pivotal for one of the biggest episodes ever, right? Twitter has not stopped talking about her, and John Barrowman revered her on The Talking Dead. But the hatefest was hilariously creative and witty and ~fun~, you guys really kept me on my toes.

    Ok, where were we?

    Pretty sure this one was tweeted earlier and I caught it tumbling in my direction and ducked as it went by being retweeted nearly a thousand times, give this guy a hand.

    Loved this.

    I know, right??? It was like all our minds were synched like the Borg for a few seconds there.

    This next one third down actually screeched my mind to a halt. I froze for a couple seconds. I had ~not~ thought of that.

    My head was spinning by this point, like whaaaa... Can you imagine if they slung a Daryl episode by us this fast? Pandemonium. And yet it still felt so slow, right? They ripped us out of our usual roller coaster rhythm and did experiments on us.

    You kinda almost expect her to glow with an ethereal light when she does this.

    Can't believe I'm saying this, but I've still got two more panels to load, yowza.

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  • Pinky
    City folk getting eclectic...

    Beth luv.

    I saw a LOT of these kinds of tweets, y'all panicking about losing your AMC channel. Us DISH users went through the same politics a couple of years ago. Everyone was saying switch, we didn't, wound up getting a perk for being loyal customers.

    Now us DISH users see this a lot, lol.

    Random fan tweet I thought was cool while we get over the channel scare on top of that slap, hufda.

    Kudos for the Star Trek reference.

    Egads, it's happening again... o_o

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  • Pinky
    Watching Walking Dead with the Ghost Hunters BOOYA.

    I kinda feel like Rick and Tom from Falling Skies are long lost brothers.

    Ok, gotta stop cross referencing networks and get this ball rolling.

    One more, I can't help it. Does this ep title remind anyone of season 3 on Lexx and all the 'town' eps? No? Ok, as you were. (Gametown, Boomtown, K-town, Girltown... just sayin.)

    Remember when we were saying that about Rick?

    This is cute, you really need to click it.

    Might see @Passiko in this ep, lol.

    Wow, no kidding. O_O

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  • Pinky
    As near as I can tell, this is the first mention of a Bethisode on twitter. Click to see original.

    The Bethisode happened on 11-2-14 and the hashtag #Bethisode has had a steady feed around the clock ever since. I've mentioned in past reviews that I actually like Beth, and some of my most retweeted screen grabs during live tweets included Beth. Nevertheless, she is an optimal character for twitter caricaturing and has spawned an almost silly putty style love/hate fan following, which lends to some great tweet material.

    Little bit of warmup, like pregame, psyching up for some ~nerves~.

    This one clicks to fond memories.

    I agree with this next one, let's see someone else get pregnant and maybe have an immune baby, that could get pretty political.

    Impressive. Click to see it better.

    O_O I did not know Pizza Hut was picking faves!

    I'm still messed up... been a strange week.

    That tiny little knife cracks me up. *click it*

    Most of my pic grabs click out, so check them out and hit the follow button.

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  • Pinky
    Ok, here we need a little interjection. I agree with Scott Troutman, we've already been jerked through so many O-M-G shows, what's coming next week??? And I'm surprised that a professional slime like @MrShuggoth wasn't live tweeting with us. What gives???

    So trew. Personally, I think Daryl's been getting a crush on Rick for awhile now.

    By this time all kinds of tweets are popping up randomly, like a nice backwash on the emotional moonshine of the show we're wrapping up.

    This one is truly cool, way too big to snip, you HAVE to click it and go see it right now.

    Too droll.

    I can't help it, I'm a closet fight club shipper.

    What do Seinfeld and The Walking Dead have in common?

    Yeah, that's it. I'm kinda hoping they run into some really dark voodoo next.

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  • Pinky
    It was really hard dragging away from the Bob feast to the Tyreese conundrum, was like being at a rockin party when allasudden something goes wrong and everyone's just standing around in a funk.

    That gave us a little time to reorient ourselves.

    Did you see all the cute little emojis in the 'hell no' tweet up there in that last snip? Love all those torture tools.

    I really do need a fleet of laptops.

    I'm real bad to space out when I overload, so I probably missed a whole load of mental stampede when the ambush hit, and then the way they led up to the scuffle, I was so sure this would happen.

    Did anyone else see this commercial interruption as playing on all the blood spattering in this show? Anyone?

    As usual, I don't reveal prime spoilers (because I generally miss them), so it's up to you to go watch the show and see what in the world actually happened here.

    Almost done, keep going.

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  • Pinky
    This guy has a point. Click to get to his tweet which has a link to the article.

    My reply to this is have you ever seen birds and chickens during a big grasshopper or cricket year? My chickens also go wild for all kinds of bugs that start out as grubs. It's so exciting when it starts, but it doesn't take long to get sick of them because there is just too many. So- vultures, and let's throw in other scavengers like possums and coyotes and what the heck, let's even throw in the feral pets that manage to survive going wild. There just aren't enough scavengers out there to 'clean up' 300 million zombies across the United States. So, no, vultures won't make quick work of it. Takes a group of them all day to pick a little bit out of a sheep. Just sayin. If birds could clean up that much mess, we just wouldn't have bug and vermin probs.

    Moving on.

    I'm still on the fence about this making a difference if they're all infected anyway.

    Because #stayingpositive, lol.

    I did a double take on this showing up in my list feed, thought it was a joke, like a zombie food porn tweet or something.

    Seriously, that opening scene was rocking the twitters. It could have gone on the whole episode and we'd have been happy campers.

    Yeah, keep scrolling.

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  • Pinky
    Happy Halloween tomorrow! This starts The Walking Dead live tweet review for 10/26/14 episode s5e3.

    This next one clicks to source. If you're new to this review thread and not a twitter user, the legendary live tweets you hear some people grumbling about usually involve actual cast and crew tweeting and even interacting with us peons while we watch a live broadcast, and I love watching synchronized fan reactions across hundreds and even thousands of miles and sometimes across several time zones. Fans are awesome.

    Most of my snips that include pix will click to source in this week's review. I was too lazy to catch those last week.

    Will this guy last all season? We saw Daryl and Carl almost get raped by spoilers last time there were bad guys loose in the woods, this guy makes those guys look pretty sane now.

    I swear, this makes the show even better.

    I'm allowed 10 pix per panel, so keep scrolling.

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