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  • Pinky
    So Rick is one righteous dude now in my eyes. He finally crossed that line, but not the way the bad guys that he killed crossed the line. I think Rick has finally accepted body and soul that sometimes you just have to be really bad to stand up for good.

    I got the feeling that Daryl was wowed, and maybe for the first time in his life he might have felt good and maybe even proud about being friends with the worst bad-ass in town. And of course, you first approach someone fresh from hell with caution.

    If you've never been through the worst day in your life with someone sitting with you, you probably didn't get major feels during this scene. But I did. Imagine knowing what the blood of your enemy actually tastes like. Yeah.

    Brothers. This scene. *feels*

    Sorry, couldn't help thinking like a mom. I've had this convo.

    Do you think Carl might really be thinking this?

    This next pic clicks to the page you didn't go rate and comment on awhile ago. DO IT NOW.

    I'm getting crazy hail and the sky just turned real dark, be back after whatever tornado is going by.

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  • Pinky
    4-3-14 This was my last chance to procrastinate, being the season cliffhangar, so I put it off as long as I could. According to the Walking Dead wiki, season 5 won't air until October, which actually gives me 6 months to procrastinate, but Snarkalec Radio will undoubtedly have an awesome recap tonight, and you guys need to get ready for that. To rate and comment on season 4 and have your stuff read aloud on radio with a shout out to your twitter handle, hit this link NOW. Don't wait till the show comes on tonight.

    THIS is a problem in my house. Throw in timers starting early and/or ending late or the station being recorded not quite being time synched with my DVR and we go through some pretty tense moments.

    These people and their teeny weeny fahrs. I keep wondering if this job falls under "series other crew".

    I'm hearing rumors of a spinoff, and I'm thinking Michonne could use her own show. I mean, cuz we all know this is Rick's show, right?

    My phone turns night filming blue. I told you Mr. Rules guy was psychotic and selfish, didn't I?

    Like Yoda says- "You will be. You will be."

    Did anyone else expect more out of Daryl? Twitter has built him up in our minds to be this really awesome guy. I keep insinuating that he's a wimp, because I remember he was runed from his big brother beating up on him and his daddy being a drunk and hiding behind his mommy who never taught him to at least clean up once in awhile. I bet you all hate me. But I still like Daryl. He's just really messed up and trying to walk the right vs wrong line. This scene is a HUGE deal for Daryl. He hasn't really stood up for right by himself before, has he? To this many people? Who could kill him? We've seen him run away before. He had the chance to run away, but he threw in with Rick and Michonne and Carl because even though he knew they would probably all be killed, it was the right thing to do. THIS IS WHY WE LOVE DARYL. He's a conundrum. He's an underdog. He needs luv but he's so broken only Beth could get in, and now Beth disappeared and Daryl is alone with nasty rulz, so he's choosing to go down fighting for principles. I'm terribly overthinking this when I mention that zombies weren't even part of this scene. All the time they are continually interrupted by zombies, where are the zombies when we really need them? I was hoping to see Daryl and Rick shove King Rulz into a zombie horde.

    I could've gotten way more pix but Scott was rolling his eyes. Dare I point out that Rick is now a symbolic mirror of the zombies? Because biting to kill, etc. I could write a thesis on this. You guys are getting off easy. Funny that this is so blurry it's not much of a spoiler, lol.

    I have to be honest, this is the point I'd start at in a zombie apocalypse. I wouldn't have gone through all that angsting.

    Right on, man.

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  • Pinky
    Are you still here? You need to get your evening organized to you can tune into Snarkalec Radio after supper.

    I thought this was cute.

    That's it. Be good little walkers and go follow Tony Solo on twitter and then check out his youtube channel for previous episodes. Want more zombie talk? Go to the experts.

    Yep, that's it. Just a straggler post.

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  • Pinky
    I think my number one rule would be never jump into a car when a zombie horde is bearing down. This bunch needs their own spin off, classic cartoon trio.

    I seriously would've stopped sleeping around those guys. I kept hoping Daryl would run away.

    Are y'all getting the hint that TWD is all about bossy people vs the easy to manipulate? If society breaks down, even without zombies, are you ready for this guy's finger in your face? Makes me wanna bite it, and I'm not even a walker yet.

    Soooo... big leap over how anyone knew to come to their rescue after how they got through in the first place, and why NOW it's mayhem but not for the others who went through before? I'm obviously over thinking. Carry on.

    Click this next tweet pic. Trust me, just click it. That's right, the SnarkAlecs have their very own pet celebrity. <-- Please to scroll down that link and note he was casting director of the movie that changed live TV watching. Now please to follow Gerald Webb on twitter. Thank you. It's just not right that I have more followers than he does.

    Wo, here we go, part of the Mike Nesmith thing. I forgot I grabbed this. Glitchy robot. I need rebooting.

    This next one is 'filler', you know, like that big zombie clog in the tunnel.

    See, I don't really spoil the show for anyone doing this, it's all good. If you haven't seen this episode yet, I'll let you wonder what in the world this was all about, but I'll go ahead and explain that Glenn finally relaxed and actually SMILED, so you know it's time for someone to die, right?

    I'm getting the feeling this cat ruler person wants to claim Daryl for his luv toy, because he keeps getting Daryl off to himself.

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  • Pinky
    Got distracted after that last part and I'm already getting interactive myself. Before we go on, this proves I can't be turned, so I'm your last best hope in the zombie apocalypse.

    Ok, where was I? Did you all drive everyone at work crazy this week yelling CLAIM?

    I will never EVER willingly walk into a dark entrance of unknown length, challenges, and destination. Twitter obviously got pretty spooked about it.

    I really believe Dawn will be the first zombie that just keeps on talking if the apocalypse ever happens.

    If you are not subscribed to the Snarkalecs list on twitter yet- WHY NOT?

    Cheap shot, I know. But we were all thinking it, right?

    I love what they're doing here. Just saying.

    If you missed the Mike Nesmith thing, that's just one more reason you need to be following Tony's Snarkalecs list on twitter, because you aren't getting near out of The Walking Dead that you could be. Apparently there was a Monkee killing a walker that I completely missed, and all I wanna know is Was he wearing a beanie? Feel free to tackle that discussion all over again on twitter while I go get a cookie.

    Shout out to aspies, @ggfletcher is an awesome aspie mom who does Dylan Knows episodes once a month and last night hosted the first G+ hangout with the SnarkAlecs book club with @WGladstone about his book Notes from the Internet Apocalypse.

    I wonder if anyone else has ever gotten almost 10,000 faves in just a few seconds on twitter.

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  • Pinky
    THURSDAY- Wo, what's this, I'm screwing up my whole procrastination routine. I'm updating 'early' because you guys need to get your zombie apocalypse survival plans in to --> Snarkalec Radio <-- click that. NOW. Then tune in tonight (every Thursday, actually) at 9 pm Eastern to see the LIVE interactive recording for Live 365's Loud N Loaded station.

    Before I begin, CLICK THIS PIC for original source awesomeness. It's too big to get a screen snip.

    One more gratuitous tweet from Norman Reedus before I get on with the recap.

    Disclaimer- if you haven't figured it out by now, I do a twitter recap. Everyone else does episode recaps, I recap our little brains (especially mine) reacting to stuffs. If you need an actual storyline review (and I know we all need this by now), Dylan has a pretty good one going at his Monday Morning Zombie Hack.

    The irony here is that I'm probably the one people would sic a walker on. I know Tony Solo would.

    Gotta hand it to Michonne, she is adapting well to a real future now, or at least a more pleasant present. You know what that means....

    Did you see how many Elmer Fudd and wascally wabbit one liners flew around twitter when Daryl shot that squirrel a few weeks ago? Crickets now.

    I'm just gonna say straight up that people who hafta define and then gang reinforce rules are usually the psychotic ones. Watch this guy.

    So basically we're waiting for Daryl to grow a Merle-sized pair, but until then we get to see him whine about it. Don't hate me because I'm brutal about Daryl. He's going to make a cute zombie if he doesn't pull himself together with these guys.

    I should've spelled it kitteh. I think this one slipped by too easily, cat people on twitter don't understand this is a CAT PERSON. Puma, mountain lion, ocelot, panther, bobcat, leopard, cheetah...

    In retrospect, I totally called this one.

    Click this pic to play Walking Dead, the game. If you want even more, click these words.

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  • Pinky
    I actually procrastinated doing this recap on purpose. I skipped getting pix last week, but I did watch the show, I watched the nation's jaw drop, I watched everyone go nuts over the whole Lizzy thing. If you haven't watched last week's The Walking Dead ep yet and are afraid to do so because of the reaction you're seeing all around you, let me break the last of the ice you're standing on and plunge you into that cold, dark abyss by adding that I wouldn't have hesitated to shoot Lizzy in the face immediately as soon as she handed the gun over because of the things I'd already had to handle growing up, so in my opinion, this episode still wimped out. I'd give you examples, but my beta readers haven't gotten to that material yet and I don't wanna spoil their fun.

    Even though I hesitated to start watching The Walking Dead in the first place because I have blood issues, I have no problemo talking about how the writers are slapping the viewers around with shock value. First of all, they waited this long to bring up having to put one's own down for mental illness, they still danced around the nastiest parts of it, the dialogue was so cryptic that my interests in their personal plights was actually lowered, and I came away almost as angry as I felt in 2009 after new Trek. I spit nails all over Scott while I was making breakfast the next day, breaking the scenes down and disemboweling the writers for being too soft. AGAIN. Yes, they finally got me emotionally involved, and I'm not embarrassed to confess that.

    If you're going to shoot someone anyway to put them out of their misery, especially if they are that mentally ill, there is no amount of apology or justification or negotiation that is going to soften that blow for *anyone*, particularly the person being shot. If you don't have the guts to put someone down immediately who is that much of a danger, that broken and confused, and literally that guilty and destructive that so much harm has already been done, then you become the danger yourself. I blame Carol for Mika's death. Forget the whole David and Karen thing, Carol is so responsible for allowing children to be harmed now with her really bad decision making and poor observational skills and her personal distractions from the reality that really is going on around her that I can't stand to look at her. The rest of the world can believe she was strong and wonderful in a tough crisis, I'm just super pissed that it came down to this right under her nose.

    Thank goodness for Snarkalec Radio. I listened to the live recorded show last Thursday night with Tony Solo, Kelly Thul, and Larrisa Mrykalo, and they pretty much salvaged the experience for me. These people are zombie experts, plus Larissa is an actual child psychologist when she's not writing reviews and ghost hunting (or maybe it's the other way around ), and I can't repeat enough that these are the people I want with me in the zombie apocalypse. I'm sure I'd still surprise them a little with my non-hesitancy, but I would never ever EVER blink about the ethical and emotional conundrums that wring other people's souls.

    Too bad I wasn't doing reviews when Merle was still around...

    Ok, here's the thing. If you are still having a hard time with last week's ep and you're not sure you're ready to move on to tonight's new episode, check out Tony, Kelly, and Larissa spending a little time on what I feel is the best Walking Dead recap/review on this planet to date. If they can talk ME through The Walking Dead, they can help you, too. Also, please to check out Dylan's Monday Morning Zombie Hack, full of spoilers because he fleshes out the scenes, which helps if you need a little bit of a cushion before you actually go watch this episode.

    See you guys later in the live tweet, and hopefully I'll be snapping pix again.

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  • Pinky
    I just skipped a whole buncha stuff because SPOILERS and if you haven't caught up yet, that's just too bad. No, actually, I was mesmerized and in shock and didn't snap any pix, but I'm still not going to tell you what happened. Just suddenly you are *here*.

    I've actually been wondering for the last few eps with train tracks why there aren't any hobo zombies.

    I think this would be a good band name.

    I can't help it, mundane convo just pops right in there when I watch tv. I know I'd be saying something like this.

    Daryl needs abilify. Badly. And probably prozac. Or a sassy gurl to burn a building with. WHERE IS BETH????

    I noticed I wasn't the only one on twitter calling these boyz a bunch of Daryls, lol. Our next little subplot is about Daryl rising to lead the lost boyz and finding Beth to be their Wendy. Maybe. If she's not already dead and the lost boyz don't mess Daryl over too badly. I kinda think Daryl is gonna go Merle on their butts if they push too hard.

    That's it, now we wait for the new ep tonight.

    If you haven't checked it yet, Dylan gets his Walking Dead recap up on his Zombie Hacks up the day after, so watch for that tomorrow.

    See y'all in the live tweet.

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  • Pinky
    I generally don't fuss about their camping scenes, but this was ridiculous. There is no such thing as a small flame in woods like this and dead leaves within inches of it not catching fire. ~~~just saying~~~ I've done burns, I know this. Wanna see them deal with a fire outa control while zombies are coming, liven things up a bit.

    Mighta had a few flashbacks of my mom with this one.

    This suddenly hitting my screen was riveting. You can click that pic if you like and see more Taco Bell.


    And you can click this pic to put in your two cents on Snarkalec Radio how you would survive the zombie apocalypse.

    Sometimes iz sad.

    Sometimes just cracks me up.

    Last edited by Pinky; 03-16-2014, 02:08 PM.

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  • Pinky
    Ok boyzngurlz, my shamefully sloooow recap of last week's Walking Dead because we've got all new stuffs in a few short hours. So there was this horrible chance that DVRs all across the fruited plain could have been bumped off because of the time change... I never did check to see if that really happened and whether there was weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    Just casual convo with newbs, you know, like Lord of the Rings.

    We're coming up on early spring fog season. Just sayin.

    It's kind of a thing around my parts. This isn't a joke. Wimmin be like I'm tuff enuff, gimme MOAR, and the men be all like yeah, cuz my foot is sore & ur so priddy, and the wimmin be like SHUT UP AND GET BEHIND ME. Daryl is training Beth, you see.

    And it makes good sense. If you're a guy. Ok, don't hate me, just saying it like it is.

    We live vicariously through Daryl in so many ways.


    It's all I can do not to straighten store shelves. Cracked me up when I saw them open that cupboard.

    Several people did NOT like this, I got tweets.

    Last edited by Pinky; 03-16-2014, 02:09 PM.

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  • Pinky
    Continuing the highlights from the last 2 weeks.

    Seriously, I have memories this bad, lol, I LOVED this episode.

    *book* Ok, enough of my triggered memories, on with the show.

    My phone censored this, ha.

    You know that game you play, if you were the last people on earth and you had to repopulate, yada yada...

    Word. Speaks volumes that probably the first real hug he ever got in his life from someone who actually cares had to be from a position where he couldn't be defensive and fend it off. If you don't know people like this in real life, you're living pretty sheltered. I heard a lot of flak about Beth, but sometimes that is exactly the kind of person that can get through the armor. I thought this scene was very well done, I don't care what anyone says.

    I hope so. I *like* the way this is developing.

    Again, if you've never had the long talk with the guy who carries knives around...

    And seriously, if you've never burned a building down after a big emotional night....

    Yeah, scary that I identified so heavily with that episode.

    I'm gonna go dig up last week's tweets now, you guys catch up on last week's SnarkalecRadio recap while I do that.

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  • Pinky
    I've been a bad monkey, skipping a couple weeks on my recaps! Tell you what, here are a few highlights.

    Beth obviously doesn't know what to do with a Daryl in a car trunk.

    Y'all have no idea how hard I'm holding back. *people like this are real* *book*

    I see people eat snakes on weird food shows, I was hoping Daryl would get a snapping turtle.

    This is true. Best just let the man eat.

    Starting to get the feeling Daryl is scared of gurlz... Mom issues or something.

    I know, cheap shot. Saw a lot of golf swing jokes on twitter.

    I could see me working out my hormones during a zombie apocalypse. Just sayin.

    I've really had this next thing said to me. Armchair critics going over this episode from no experience whatsoever with people who don't have a clue how to be normal missed a LOT in this one. Sometimes the unlikeliest matchups bring about the most personal growth. 'Nuff said.

    You guys gotta catch the SnarkAlecs snarking The Walking Dead, it's delightful.

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  • Pinky
    Totally not going to tell you what happened.

    But I've got serious bets on this chick getting some awesome scenes before she screws everyone in the group over and much later dies horribly. I'll even bet she messes Daryl over and gets a buncha fans hoppin up and down screaming. Poor Beth...

    They're really stamping this Terminus thing on our brains. Surely it can't be worse than a crazy Governor....

    If you'd like a more indepth recap, Dylan from this next tweet does the Monday Morning Zombie Hack, scroll down a little after you click that link.

    And if you want to see live recorded commentary from Snarkalec Radio, check out Tony Solo's video channel and watch his twitter on Thursdays at 9pmEST for the next live link.

    You never know who might get their name said all over a show.

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  • Pinky
    I know these are crap screen grabs, but you know SPOILERS, if you haven't seen the show, don't worry, I'm not really telling you that much. Like this next bit. This was a lucky guess when I tweeted it.

    I loved what happened after this.

    And then all hell broke loose O_O I'm curious just how many of these kinds of tweets shot through at the same time from half the nation and clogged up twitter.

    Meanwhile, we got a gratuitous bathroom scene from grimy nasty all animal Rick, how could you not love this.

    I know I keep ragging on props, but seriously, all that crap on the floor was meticulously scattered perfectly. Have you HAD a bathroom fight? It's also entirely too white. At least smear something from a broken container. Just saying. But it was an awesome fight, and we see Rick at his lowest dregs ever being a BOSS ***BOOYA***.

    Believe it or not, I've got a few more to go, really got into it this time. Hang on.

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  • Pinky
    Ok, where were we?

    You'd have to have been following @ScottMcDonald3 and @TonySolo on twitter this week to get what this was all about.

    Rick can't catch a break, finally gets a clean bed and a real nap and it's not long before we see legs walking around and Rick dives under the bed.

    I was impressed that the props team remembered to craft a couple of spectacular dust bunnies, but they forgot one vital component.

    This was once a happy house. Renewed Michonne is enjoying it.

    Until she found the pink room of death. omg. I thought this was ~*~*~awesome~*~*~ use of the color pink. PINKY APPROVES.

    Wait, new development!

    Did anybody predict this? Anybody? Before you go on to the next panel, keep in mind you can submit predictions to be read on Snarkalec Radio! Scroll down a little for the prediction submission box after you click that link.

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