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Character Reviews

Lexxperience Giggerota the Wicked
Lexxperience His Divine Shadow
Lexxperience Kai, Last of the Brunnen-G
Lexxperience Mantrid
Lexxperience Stanley H. Tweedle
Lexxperience Zev and Xev Bellringer of B3K
Music Dulls the Pain- A look at May a collection of fan links about May


Lexx at SyfyDesigns- offer to host content if you are afraid of losing your fansite
The Lexx Revival Project by Janika Banks
Kai, Last of the Brunnen-G fan content repaste from https://kaibrunneng.livejournal.com with permission, includes Michael McManus interview
When Dragonflies Dance: A memoir of the Lexx TV series world fandom by Janika Banks
Lexxperience- a thread of think pieces by Janika Banks that include
-Last of the Brunnen-G: Sci-fis Favorite Zombie
-Heresy in the First Degree- Thodin of the Ostral-B Pair
-The Dark Zone and the Cycles of Time
-Lexx, like Schrodinger's cat, perhaps discussing reader stats

Film Study

Watch an Episode of Lexx- Which One? (2013)
Lexx Season 2 Episode 18 Brigadoom (2013)
Lexxperience- The Lexx Review

Lexx- The Dark Zone Stories
-separate thread with commentaries hosting original links dating back to 2012 before Lexxperience dotcom was created

-separate thread created to back up content uploaded to Facebook group and page Lexxperience