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    This is where a surprise challenge brings out the best in a person, right? Like on Iron Chef America when the Chairman suddenly announces a special request in the middle of a hot celebrity chef cookoff countdown in Kitchen Stadium.

    Xanga (my favorite blog host and where I keep my Lexx blog) announced a couple of days ago that it will either be folding or merge-relocating after July 15th (the latter looking highly doubtful). Users are already wailing to the unlistening heavens that the archive download option isn't working. Xanga is descending like a flaming Hindenberg amongst virtual food fights, blind believers bravely donating membership pledges in desperate attempts to kickstart, and thousands already abandoning and bailing with little "WordPress" and "LiveJournal" parachutes.

    I've been with Xanga since 2004. My personal blog accidentally morphed into a Lexx fan blog and then shot to world fame when a rival fan evil schemed a plot to create a train wreck of me for morbidly curious onlookers (I still thank her for that), rocking Lexx fans worldwide as our weird chesslike forum jousting ricocheted out of control at MegaCon in Orlando in 2007, wherein Florida State Police became involved. I took PR advice and simply stopped responding to the ridiculous drunken escapades (which are still viewable online to this day), but I will say this- I still have in my private Xanga blogs a whole lot of stuff about what really went down privately, on ALL sides. And I will say the 'bad guy' was neither me nor her, but someone very surprising. In the end, I chose to side WITH THE FANS and declined to press charges, completely saving my arch enemy's personal identification from becoming public information (that's a lot of power to have in one's hands...). Seriously, to me that was a moral conundrum that could only be solved by taking the bullet, because I knew what we were on the cusp of being able to do if that had happened- I created a triangle out of a 2-sided problem and got axed on both sides, because fandom is about THE FANS. I made a choice that day that not only branded me public defamation that I've quietly lived with for 6 years now (still makes me pretty famous ), but also apparently has kept lurkers watching everything I do all this time. I cannot express the warm fuzzies I get when I see those continual weekly checkins on my trackers from all over the world going straight to Lexx.

    So it's going to be a really big deal that my Lexx blog, freshly come out from underground for so long, is now going to have to very publicly MOVE. It's a *huge* deal, actually. Even barely getting the ball rolling I already have a solid start on what promises to become the biggest Lexx film study in internet history, already with nearly 1000 screen grabs in paid public hosting and I'm barely halfway into the first movie. This is all not for profit, a media study on a personal blog, and I've already spent over $300 out of pocket this year building it. This is hobby money that I don't expect to get back. Thanks to a medical condition, I cannot get out in the sun for any length of time without severe repercussions, among other things, so I spend a great deal of time entertaining myself by creating what I'd personally like to be able to find online for one of my favorite scifi shows, and it's just not out there (yet). At any rate, I've got 6 weeks to salvage and move reams of manually written html before it's gone forever.

    In 2006 I was offered free hosting with the same people who host William Shatner's official blog (don't know if he's still got that same hosting). I turned it down. At the time I was afraid I would lose my autonomy. If I'd taken the offer, my Lexx stuff would never have disappeared and would be absolutely huge by now. Do I regret this? You bet. This starting over from scratch stuff is a lot of work, but I feel like I'm at least rising to the challenges I'm setting for myself.

    The next 6 weeks for me are going to be a little hairy because I'm such a workaholic that I've already got a ton of stuff to move (and so much more besides Lexx, since I've been blogging with Xanga for 9 years now- can anyone say book material?). But since I was already headed in this direction, this outside force pushing me will only make me that much more polished. This is where having a little grit comes in handy.

    I love you guys. My twitter elates me growing so fast like that, myke is so kind allowing me to run free on his forum and blog site here, and it's thrilling learning to play on the big kid playground, you know? This first year has been so much more overwhelmingly successful than I ever dreamed, I can only imagine the heights I can soar to by this time next year having fun and doing cool stuff on the webs.

    This is now a genuine working vacation (except I can't claim it on taxes, haha). I'm going to start it off RIGHT and go see Star Trek Into Darkness in 3D this evening. BOOYA!

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      Don't usually make a big deal of vacation pix, but here are a couple I was thrilled to get.

      Lazy morning in the hotel room, watching progress on the Xanga relaunch and snacking on Frosted Mini-Wheats. Torch downloading is instantaneous here, awesome distraction.

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      I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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        For lurkers out there pounding my Lexx blog harder than ever wondering what's going to happen to it, here is the latest from the Xanga Team, as answered to Joel Manzer of the Autisable Xanga network-


        "Me: Let's say we reach the $60,000 - and you guys get everything set up - and people who didn't contribute would like to now upload their archived content (cause they like what they see)- would there be a way to easily do that?

        Xangateam (marc): If we reach the fundraiser goal and you're a current premium member, we will definitely convert your site over. So it should be seamless for you.

        If we do reach the goal but you're not a current premium members, you'd have to manually import your site. The current archives are pretty raw data files focused on helping you preserve your data. It'd be a pretty manual process getting that data into a wordpress account, but it's definitely possible.

        So at present it looks like my personal headache over this move would only involve checking for and redirecting broken internal links and reestablishing new main blog links with search engines. It's probably a good thing I'm on vacation and have the laptop packed up most of the time so I'm not hovering obsessively over this. Anyone who has ever constructed a fan based website heavily linked to other social media can probably understand the angst I'm fielding the last few days. Believe it or not, I'm doing a lot of laughing through this. Like last night, I stomped everyone at Scrabble. Scott voluntarily wore the loser tile.

        And this has been keeping us pretty busy.

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        I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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          I met the most famousest of Hobbits yesterday. The pic kinda sux because we're all tired, just shut your eyes and don't look at it.

          That is Dan (yes, "Theologian's Cafe" Dan), at the heart and core of the Xanga Relaunch team (along with Joel Manzer- edlives on Twitter & Autisable, and others) and yours truly. What I was told yesterday is that the Xanga move will be seamless, and about the only difference will be that bloggers will need to pay to continue using the moved blogs after the move. I have no problemo with that, I already pay for perks. My main concerns are about main links being broken and losing our search engine rankings, although that is all fixable and something I can handle on my own if need be.

          Beyond that, however, it can still all go *poof* if community interest wanes and financial obligations really can't be met over the next year ~after~ the move, so all Xanga bloggers are being offered free archive downloading before the move on July 15th. The core relaunch team (not paid by Xanga) is working on a different style of internet marketing, and the Xanga Team (who have essentially been working for free) is letting them do it, huzzah!

          This isn't much different from an employee owned grocery store. When people want to retain the thing that has shaped their lives, they pitch in and keep it alive themselves.

          Joel runs an authorized Xanga store. While there is barely any revenue made on these products, at least they are still available for nostalgia. If Xanga does wind up going *poof*, these items will become retro and hard (if not impossible) to find. Considering that Xanga has been around for 14 years from the age of the dinos (before facebook!) and was once in the top 100 social media sites worldwide before the webs asploded with billion dollar blog babies and Google contracts, those of us hard core Xanga junkies who have surfed this wave practically from the beginning are hellbent on making it rad retro for as long as possible. (I once bought a 'spacebook' t-shirt, I LOVE stuff like that.)

          The Xanga blogging community is *different*, mostly people who take community blogging (actual writing) very seriously, and Xanga created the perfect atmosphere for that, where other sites might feel more like drive-by blurbing and street cruising, if not outright campy family reunions and teen hangouts. If you've missed the ride, there's no help for you. If you were a part of Xanga and remember Dan's Save the Boobs campaigns, the trolls, Xanga Queens, and "you might be a xangan if", you seriously need to grab a t-shirt from the link way up there.

          In the meantime- Xanga: The Movie

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          I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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            It's official, I've been listed as a SnarkAlec by @TonySolo himself this week. Here are a few links that are fun to check out.

            Snarkalecs |
            SnarkAlecs on Google

            I shall celebrate with my fave scifi parody fanvid.

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            I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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              The Yakov Smirnoff Theater in Branson is only a few miles up the road from us. In all the time I've lived around here I have never stepped foot inside, although we did sit at the next table from him at a Chuck E Cheese when our girls and his first kid were little, and my daughter took pictures of him and his family at the Tintype shop in Silver Dollar City in Branson a few years later. And last year he left Branson for Hollywood, but you can still win dinner with him in Branson this coming fall, for those who might have caught @TonySolo tweeting me to go see him.

              But as we were headed out to the Branson airport a couple weeks ago, we were surprised to discover that the National Tiger Sanctuary is practically in our back yard. O_O You know those stories about escaped animals from zoos? Yeah, we're not thrilled about the possibility of news announcements about loose tigers in the Busiek Forest. They have a wide range in the wild and one tiger can easily cover 10 miles. Tiger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There was a manhunt near here last fall and they never caught the guy, I doubt they find a tiger in the rugged Ozark Mountains once it's gotten loose. Might get interesting, being's how I live on the edge of 'Mirkwood'. Anyhoo, we drove by the 'ranch', what a cute little mailbox they've got! RAWR!

              You know you're back in Branson when you have a fish pond in the middle of the airport. I love this tiny little airport, it mimics flying into dangerously rugged backwater 3rd world next to a posh golf resort.

              And we just beat this storm in. Hufda!

              We traveled by car a LOT when I was growing up, more like literally lived in the car for 17 hours straight going to see my gramma when Dad got vacation. My dad slipped through the 'highway closed' barriers in the dead of winter and drove Wolf Creek Pass with a station wagon full of terrorized kids, equally zooming with ease through downtown Oklahoma City and Phoenix. I've been gripped with fear on cliffs in the Painted Desert, over ancient skeletons at Chaco Canyon, on rickety ladders at Cliff Dwellings, deep in the dark bowels of Marvel Cave, but nothing beats the thrill of driving through a concrete jungle doing 70+ mph across multiple lanes and hoping you don't go flying off a beltway into a tangle of beautiful superstructures. Scott says he can't wait till cars can fly... You know that scene in Attack of the Clones where Anakin is leaping through traffic on Alderaan? Yeah, THAT.

              Houston was awesome. Heard it's going to take over Chicago's rank as 3rd largest city in America. Gonna miss it.

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                Had one of those awesome dreams out of the blue again last night where really big stuff happens and it's as good as any rockin' scifi movie I've ever seen in my life. This one was about a small group of people working to change an event in history that would ultimately lead to the misery and near demise of the human race and devastation around the planet- the space race.

                I'm a huge space race fan, and I'm all for it. There is a LOT of political history behind the space race, and even more mysterious hoopla about hidden agendas. If you don't have a clue, bless your heart, you're still innocent, but if you have read Richard Hoagland's book (or anything else), feel free to jump in and yap your opinions.

                Anyway, along with rocket science comes a lot more science and political motivation, and most of us have seen tv shows about the end of humanity by now. There is always the possibility that someone will get their hands on way too much technoweenie stuff and blow us all up for whatever reason they deem proper. Well, in my dream, something REALLY bad was happening, had happened, and more bad was going to happen. All times are now, to paraphrase Einstein, and I personally believe the future can and does affect the past in ways we don't yet fathom.

                (Please keep in mind I generally avoid time travel movies because I pick them to death, always find ridiculous flaws, except I still watch everything Trek and I still love the Back to the Future trilogy, so if I'm saying anything familiar, it didn't come from a movie.)

                The idea for this group was to unravel some of the scientific developments with sabotage so that the big space stuff couldn't happen on track, because one nasty side effect of the space race was horrible economic imbalance and world war, resulting in such devastation that our society and even nature became permanently crippled in ways that didn't justify the scientific gain. I was part of this group in the dream. Our first attempt failed, so we were trying again, but I realized minutes before we were to execute the plan that it, too, would fail, *and* wipe out our ability to keep attempting time change, so I spontaneously jumped into an alt plan without time to tell the others, and I had to stay ahead of them stopping me while doing everything correctly at top speed by myself to make the change happen.

                You guys never see all the books I DON'T write. People have been begging me for years to WRITE BOOKS. If I stopped and wrote a book every time I had a cool dream, I wouldn't ever come up for air. But back to what happened!

                I was successful. I wound up back in the past just a week after the first change our group attempted. A little boy ran by me who would have been dead, because I witnessed his death the week before last time. I called out, "How's your day going, ___?" (I've already forgotten his name.) He was a little grumpy, but clearly already on a different path, along with his family and neighborhood. I'm not clear on what happened, you know how dreams are, or maybe that was my memory fading from changing history. Whatever. I just knew it had worked.

                If you were given the chance to change human history for the better, even if it meant crippling the space race, would you do it? And given some thoughts I've already had in past time travel discussions, could that have already happened? (Think about this, doesn't it seem like the whole space race thing has been limping along...?) If time travel is a real thing, then it's been all around us this whole time. There is no one day it's not here and another day it is, because once you cross a timeline, all the days in between are part of the time travel, even if they are seemingly unaffected.

                I have no actual beliefs yay or nay, besides that the world we live in is most likely very different from how we perceive it, but it's fun to run into stuff like this and watch other people yap about it.

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                  Was hanging out with my chickens when a tweet came through from @stroz that my article Trekkies and Freedom of Expression had been picked up for the latest Future Life #SciFi Chronicle and billed in the tweet as one of the 'top stories'. You actually have to scroll way down to the Society section to find it, still, kinda cool, especially since I wrote it way back in 2009 and had it pulled back into private for most of this time. I had tweeted a link earlier, but this is all the link said.

                  I won't go into the conversation I was having before that, didn't think it was that big of a deal, got about ten hits on it at the time and was satisfied.

                  I have some pretty deep political feelings, but I don't like to tangle them up into the fun I have online. However, sometimes it's cool to say what we really think, and I guess it's fair to share that I've had some interesting email conversations with Gary Graham, who you might know as Detective Sikes from the Alien Nation tv series, or Vulcan Ambassador to Earth, Soval on the Star Trek: Enterprise tv series. That's not really a big deal either, anybody who follows Gary Graham can interact with him through the articles he writes at Breitbart's Big Hollywood.

                  I don't like to argue politics, my dad burned me out on that real bad growing up, but I do think that freedom of speech, expression, and even thought is vital to a healthy society. Decades ago, people fled the Czech Republic to Canada. My dad's people came from just north of there, much earlier. I think if we want to continue to HAVE FUN with our scifi and conventions and fan videos and even cosplay, we need to pay attention to the incremental losses to our freedoms that have been going on under our noses for several years. There is hint that even cosplay may one day be a criminal violation of copyright, so you all need to get out there and enjoy everything you can about your scif shows and anime and gaming and whatever else takes your fancy before we don't have cool stuff like this any more. And don't think this is silly nonsense and we won't. Look how hard fans had to fight to get all this going in the first place... It's still pretty brand new.

                  I take being a scifi fan very seriously. It is my inalienable right to dream and hope for an awesome future on this planet.

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                    One of those weeks where you do a lot of surrealistic self assessing and sorta float above it all in a bubble. The whole Xanga move on top of two daughters squirting new humans out this summer was plenty to deal with, but being on cancer watch for about 6 weeks now is getting a little hairy. So far no scary news yet, but -you know- *nerves*.

                    The absolute weirdest part is how no one warns you that cancer messing with your hormones can turn you back into a horny teenager, so you think this is something really cool till doctors start raising their eyebrows. Actually, I'm not really the sort to slink around like a cougar. I feel more like I'll go Amazon-Viking warrior and rip through a few guys on a rampage. Scott fears my deadly delights from experience, he's already stepping way back, bless his heart.

                    I'm slinging through this the same way I get through everything else- YouTube! God bless the fans who create this kind of bizarre stuff. Got my Baditude on. Now excuse me while I get back to work!

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                    I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                      I'm such a slacker. I was in a good habit blurbing every day till I went on vacation. I need discipline! Where's my coffee?! >=l Time to organize...

                      This was my all time fave ever pic coming out of Supanova Expo in Sydney this last weekend, from Special The Sheep on twitter. "Batman was yelling at me!"

                      Found out last week during a Snarkalec podcast that Tony Solo was the brains behind the Bigfoot photobomb on Rebekah Kennedy.

                      It appears that against all previous inclinations, I'll soon be getting instagram.


                      I got another movie review up yesterday at Nerd Movies.

                      The creator of Nerd Movies has graciously offered me free unlimited hosting for my Lexx blog since Xanga is closing/moving in less than a month and I have to pay double now just to keep it open enough to post more. I'm doing some deep thinking about that.

                      In the meantime, I've been accused of being on drugs...

                      ...and almost accused of being happy.

                      At least my first grandbaby is properly attired in cosplay.

                      Who of us is still stuck on Zachary Quinto since Star Trek Into Darkness came out last month?

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                        So I think I accidentally had twitter sex a couple of nights ago because this happened. O_O

                        Been working on catching up with the We're Alive zombie apocalypse radio show, totally free at itunes. Sound effects are fantastic, great story and acting. You can read more at Season 4 starts in August and the Snarkalecs will be talking about it on their live twitter interactive podcasts when it does. I might have to get a t-shirt.

                        Ok, we have to talk about this. What is up with Eoin Macken's adventure loving smurf??? I've been avoiding getting an instagram account on general principal, but looks like I'll have to get one now if I want to keep up with Eoin's smurfy friend. We never did find out how and why he wound up in a blender... O_O You can follow, too, at

                        Ran into this while I was smurf surfing.

                        I'ma getting BUSY, gotta WORK, get on my XANGA BACKUP for the MOVE BOOYA

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                        I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                          That's two dreams I've had now about the green light of death. You know how a red dot means you've been tagged by a sniper? A greet dot means you've been tagged remotely across time. You saw it here first. Unless you've seen it somewhere else, which proves I remote view in my dreams, because I'd never seen that before. Unless it's really a secret government thing, in which case I never remote viewed it, please don't lock me in a little room and do experiments on me.

                          Was also in and out of elevators again all night, barely got off the last one before the entire floor of a store in a mega mall sealed off and rose up to another part of the building. Felt pretty real to me.

                          Where is this death and future tech stuff coming from??? o_O I think it was triggered by the #KillGerald sequence last night on Snarkalecs Radio on Live-n-Loaded 365.

                          The Snarkalecs have been pushing twitter for some time to get Gerald Webb verified, and for this last show's game over 50 fans sent in new ways to kill Gerald off in a movie. I think Snarkalecs could write the next Syfy original, talk about crazy overkill.

                          Rockin dangerous heat waves and nasty storms at my house while I watch another big comiccon in Perth, Australia on twitter this weekend. GiftsForTheGeek claim they're staying in a no star hotel where horror movies are filmed...

                          ...cattray is setting up on the floor...

                          ...and Bradley James (King Arthur from world hit Merlin) has already been interviewed.

                          Remember that National Tiger Sanctuary that's so close to my house? I wonder if they've got ligers like Napoleon Dynamite likes to draw.

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                          I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                            So this happened last night.

                            I have my twitter set to tailored trending, but considering that the Snarkalecs I follow on twitter make up less then 3 1/2 percent of all the accounts I follow (that's 3.5%, or .03), that's actually pretty impressive when you consider I'm used to seeing a much bigger group of worldwide Merlin fans trend on a regular basis.

                            Here's the thing. The Syfy channel has recently moved its long standing Original Movies from Saturday nights to Thursday nights. Personally, I like the new lineup and was watching and even live tweeting both Sinbad and Primeval New World for a couple of weeks, which was nice of me because I was actually very upset with Syfy last spring for rescheduling the huge Merlin series ending not once but twice and replacing it with that ridiculous Robot Combat League. Syfy had already ditched its long standing Friday Prime for ECW Friday Night Smackdown years earlier. I bought my first Dish when Sliders slid over from NBC to the new SciFi channel and have been catching rescue shows ever since, most notably (for me) Lexx and the Stargate franchise (which started out on Showtime) and other shows like Farscape and Merlin which come from outside the U.S., plus many more. Basically, Syfy has been a godsend for siphoning world programming into one convenient channel when no other U.S. channels were acknowledging that a world outside our country exists. So I love Syfy. I can put up with the irksome rescheduling because I'm constantly being placated with more new stuff showing up from around the globe, in spite of the dumb wrestling show firmly locking Friday nights out of our family tv viewing. Hating on Syfy has become a bit of a blood sport with fans, but I figure with all the digital options available now, I can walk away to HUB or BBCA or other channels starting to jump on the science fiction game, right? And that's just for starters. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and free live streaming from tv channels around the world have made it really easy to go somewhere else for my entertainment. Still, I come back to Syfy quite a lot, more than any other. It feels like a dysfunctional relationship. Why do we take Syfy so personally?

                            Because of this. Syfy has indoctrinated a whole generation of carefully nurtured addicts to its original movies. There are some pretty touching stories out there about kids and parents bonding over weird movies like Chupacabra and Frankenfish, and who isn't grateful for the additional movies that gave us a little more closure after series cancellations, like Battlestar Galactica and Farscape? (I'm a big Cube 2 fan myself.) Syfy has spent years investing in hooking us and reeling us in, and they're pretty good at it despite all the protesting we do.

                            This latest protest trended on twitter. The Snarkalecs asked viewers to record Independence Daysaster on Thursday and then watch it together during the old original movie time slot on Saturday. They had two reasons for this- 1) a two hour family movie on a week night doesn't work when you have kids, and 2) this new Thursday night time slot directly coincides with their live radio broadcast, meaning Snarkalec members must now split their time between live tweeting Syfy or live tweeting their own show. Since the Snarkalecs set up their live radio show based on the live tweeting they do with Syfy original movies on Saturday nights, this seems a bit personal... If you don't think so, check out their website. Currently this info is a little outdated, the member list has doubled (this is a great archive page though), but interestingly, lurkers picked up on this live tweet event last night and not only joined in, but asked questions about what was going on and said they'd like to do this again because it was so much fun. The Snarkalecs may be setting a new Syfy original movie trend. When Syfy reschedules, the Snarkalecs reschedule it back. And if you don't think this is a big deal, this also happened.


                            I know this was more wordy and techy than my usual blurbs here, but I was impressed last night. Syfy has been my favorite channel since 1993 when we first got our Dish, and it's kinda funny that the Snarkalecs snarked the Syfy schedule. Might be interesting to see what happens in a couple of weeks when they ask Syfy fans to record Sharknado on July 11th and live tweet it together on July 13th.

                            If you are interested in the Snarkalec radio show, you can watch their recorded shows on @TonySolo's YouTube channel at, and you can follow the Snarkalecs on twitter by subbing to Tony's SyfySnarkalecs List on twitter.

                            This is what we watched last night, and you can find the live tweet commentary at #SyfyDaysaster. Feel free to rate Independence Daysaster yourself at

                            Permission granted to reprint this article. Please site original source with this link.
                            790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
                            I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                              12 days till Xanga migrates to WordPress or closes forever. 12 days to salvage content from multiple blogs going back 9 years before I can no longer access them if the kickstarter falls through. I personaly donated over $400 to retain access (people who don't contribute with investments for 'premium' blogging after the move will still be able to sub and comment, but not blog), but they won't charge my account until they know for sure they've reached their pledge goal on the 15th. If it goes through, awesome, if it falls through, oh well, I can always get new glasses or something.

                              In attempting to find a way to convey how stressful this is, I tried telling Scott it would be like laboriously typing out a new book from scratch on an old typewriter, and then your house burning down before you could get it photocopied. Or like copy and pasting a phone book page by page. This work isn't actually necessary, I could just hit the 'download archives' link Xanga has provided for free (and I will), but I've had stuff like that backfire in OH so many ways. I've got all kinds of folders packed with files I can no longer open because of hard drive crash salvages and other stuff. Yeah, you can *save the files*, but can you OPEN them later...? Not always. And since my life seems to be a neverending series of cosmic glitches like I'm a favorite target, better safe than sorry. I love tech, but I know from experience how easily it can fail. (GIF may take time to load.)

                              SO. I'm working like a maniac and my life is getting weird. Showed up at an appointment a week early yesterday. o_O Freaking out in traffic thinking I can't touch the wheel so I steer with one finger. My anxiety is off the wall. My psychologist kindly suggested to me yesterday that we'll be adding a delayed stress response Tourette's to my chart. I mean, we've kind of always known, but it's abundantly clear now that my engines rev up like mad during time crunches. I actually kind of like it, my brain goes into overdrive and my energy levels spike and I have all these superpowers (I was really good at college under stress), but I have a nasty habit of shooting people for sport when I'm like this, thanx to the Asperger's. So I've got phasers set to stun, and if you feel like I shot you anywhere on twitter or facebook or whatevs, nothing personal, I'm just brain zapping like popcorn in my lair. Bystanders need to back up about 30 more feet.

                              In the meantime, I've stopped all blogging and I'm going to take a week off from blurbing here while I save all mankind, but I'll still be tweeting comiccon stuff because it's a great distraction for stress relief.

                              790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
                              I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                                I am so thrilled this morning with how easy my blog salvage has become that I feel compelled to sing to you of some wonderful tech from Seagate. We picked up the 3TB backup plus desktop drive from Best Buy yesterday, and archiving is a breeze. Wanna delete your Facebook but you don't wanna lose all your pictures and cool stuff? Download it straight to the Seagate backup drive. Yes, it says it can download your facebook right there on the box.

                                That's all, I need to get back to work.

                                790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
                                I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.