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    When I came back out in 2012 I had no intention of ever going near a forum again. Joke's on me. Myke has very kindly and graciously given me a home during existential server move crises, and I've come to love it here.

    As Lexx rolls through it's 20th anniversary #Lexxversary here in 2016, several things seem to be changing among the public fandom on the internet. The fandom that created all the cool stuff is getting older, money is getting tighter, tech and the webs are changing a LOT, and no one is sure where the future of the Lexx fandom lies. Fans are obviously still creating and cosplaying, but it takes diligence to find them in the growing sea of #allthethings on the webs.

    My original goal as a Lexx fan was to create the biggest ongoing Lexx review on the internet, which stalls out for other projects but will always be something I come back to. As I've worked on that, I extended my goal to finding other fans, which meant organizing lists of new Facebook groups and creating that into a searchable thing (a blog post). That grew into crossing into other medias like G+ and purchasing a dotcom pointer. My original fan site, despite the server move obliterating it in 2013 and now not being EU cookie compliant, still scores well (means it's actually worth $$), plus it's still linked on all the old sites, so I'm keeping it up. So far this all still kind of ranges within my original goal.

    As time has moved on, and as I'm watching my traffic grow, I'm watching other sites decline and even disappear, and I don't like that. I became a financial sponsor for one of the older forums, and now I'm wondering if I could do that for other older forums with loads of fandom history and unique information that will be forever lost once the domains go back on the shelves. I am currently in discussion about whether this is manageable, and whether I'll have a tech team helping me manage it. I am prepared to commit financially to save and rescue, or what I call 'salvage'.

    It's important to note that I don't want to own the stuff. All I want to do is preserve it. I would like to set up a sort of Lexx preserve, if you will, and keep the older fandom histories in place as they are. If at all possible, I want to keep original post authors, original dates and timestamps, original everything.

    If I am allowed to do this, SyfyDesigns (neutral territory) would become the overseer of the properties, making sure the details are taken care of and that there is tech repair available in case of hacks or whatever. Current owners of the older forums wouldn't have to hand me the information if they'd rather work directly with Myke.

    This kind of operation takes time. We all have real life, real jobs, real families, real stuff. This has already been in discussion for awhile, and I've got several months to get finances in order for more investment. The goal is to keep as much of Lexx fandom history as possible viable and current for all the world fandom to keep perusing in future.

    If you are an original site or forum owner who would like assistance keeping your forum domain and registration current, please find a way to contact me. I'm all over the internet.

    -Janika Banks

    p.s. This is NOT an offer to sponsor fan projects or other fan sites. I'm not made of money, and the fandom history takes precedence.
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    I have a thread in syfydesigns called Pinky's Dreams, but since this one is Lexx related, I'll drop it here.

    I'm running at full pace, so this was a few nights ago this last week. I had dreams two nights in a row that involved Lexx cast, and that *never* happens. I know some fans have all kinds of dreams about the show, but mine are extremely rare, which is really odd given my severe sleep disorder slammed with years of many kinds of dreams.

    I wanted to write them down sooner so I'd retain more details, but at least you're getting the short version instead of nothing at all.

    The first dream featured Ellen.

    I was in a very big, very old wealth level house with a big load of people gathering and moving around from room to room talking and laughing. I guess it was some kind of party, no idea what for or who hosted. I have a fondness for old wood and fabrics, and the house was definitely vintage.

    I'm not generally one for chat, but I do like nibbling, so I was wandering around doing the vague hello thing and mentally tabbing where all the nibblies were, when I bumped into Ellen with another person doing a fun room to room 2-person mini theater highlighting strings of one or two liner performances of a person in each room, like several of a certain actor's works would be tied together into a 5 minute montage highlighting the most quoted lines in such a way that it was extremely amusing, plus Ellen's friend helped her with a collection of mask and slight costume changes per room, a coat thrown on here, slap on a wig and glasses there. It was adorable, and they were busy, so only a quick hi and then I was off looking for another nibbly.

    While I was wandering around, I began noticing my feet didn't exactly touch the floor. I hadn't realized I was floating, but once I noticed, I carefully touched down and then experimented with a few quick toe lifts to see if I'd float again. Whadayaknow, I could float! And it was great fun learning to float around, up and down, learning to maneuver so I wouldn't be bumping anyone's face with my feet kind of stuff. I went up to the ornate ceilings and looked down on all the rooms and generally had a great time just amusing myself with floating.

    I haven't had a floating or flying dream in a very long time, so that was awesome. I have mentioned elsewhere that I've had dreams of being in other buildings and learning later they are or were real, and I could describe them the way others had seen them when they were there. I really don't know if people actually see me when I remote view, but a couple of past dreams I've written about involved people panicking a bit when we realized we could see each other (even being shot at while I was trying to desperately warn a gypsy family to get to higher ground before a flash flood swept them all away), so I really don't know what that dream was about. It was pleasant seeing Ellen for a change because I usually don't know people in those kinds of dreams, and I have no inkling or desire to speculate on whether any of it was real.

    The very next night, my second dream featured Michael.

    This was a very different dream because it was about minecraft. My minecraft dreams are very real world but so integrated with minecraft that I can literally move blocks of real world around just like in the game. All my minecraft dreams are amazing. I really do think the human spirit is inherently capable of creating worlds, but we think it's just daydreaming or playing so we don't realize we literally design our worlds around us, based on our awareness of what we want in life.

    So I was working on packing up a real life farm full of builds and pets, like once I picked them up they'd digitize and I could pack them into a sort of all-terrain backpack to carry away with me. I was just getting started when Michael appeared nearby, and like I do on multiplayer as staff, I said Hello, been a long time since I saw you last. I was just packing up your things for storage, but since you're here now I can either leave it or keep packing while you find a new place and I'll bring all your things to you to start over with. And while I was saying this, I picked up a real pony with a saddle on it and it digitized (that was the cutest thing I ever dreamed), and then I put it back down (real pony again) and picked it up again (digitized) to demo that nothing was happening to it and that I could move it.

    Michael said Ok, I'll look around for a new place, and I said Awesome, let me know when you're ready, and I kept packing and he left. After some time I was nearly done, and he showed up again and said he found the new place he wants to set up next. It was actually a really old barn and house, like those old rustic paintings you might see, but no one was there. He said he knew the people who owned it before and wanted to live there for the nostagia. This kind of stuff actually happens in game all the time, so I was literally dreaming out playing minecraft as staff but in real world.

    I started unpacking it all, asked if he'd like me to clear out the spiders and whatnot, found some stuff the other owner had and asked if he wanted that or should I take it, and he kept it for sentimental reasons. Once I got it all unpacked for him to sort, I reminded him not to be gone so long again or I'd just have to pack it all back up and it would be gone when he came back. As I was leaving he got me square in the back with ice water from a garden hose and laughed his head off, and I nearly did a /warn MichaelMcManus 3d disrepecting staff, but remembered I'm trying to be a little more chill and less personally reactive, which is actually a personal problem I deal with in game. I just really hate getting wet like that though, and hate being surprised even more. grrr lol

    I'm sure we could jump to real life speculations, but I've learned not to do that with my dreams. I doubt the interaction meant anything, although I was very surprised to see him.

    I'm going to guess that the guilt I've been stuffing down about ignoring my fandom blogging is finally worming its way into my awareness.
    790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
    I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.