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    Once in awhile I have mind blowing computer dreams that make our current devices look pretty Flintstone. Last night was one of those nights.

    The first part of the dream was about a whole new interactive site for all ages and interests, the ultimate everything you ever wanted in a website thing. It was like getglue and twitter and facebook and blogging and forums and music blogs and youtube and live streams and game sites and just everything imaginable designed to present and interact in a way you've never seen before, so intuitive and easy to use that I just fell in love with it and now what I wake up to looks ridiculously like retro 60s Barbie or something.

    The user platform used a different kind of tech, kind of like a 3D hologram interface (which I've dreamed before over several years, but never this detailed, you can see the beginnings of holodeck tech at Here Comes the Holodeck), and the touch of a fingertip could grab exactly what you wanted with a thought, based on some kind of electron info sharing. I'm not skeptical at all, if you can control fake limbs and remote control monitors with your thoughts (it's real tech), why not extend that to figuring out how tech responds electronically to our weak radio signals from our brains? Anyway, the whole loading speed and networking tools were just gone, out of the way, internet had been completely remodeled and the goodies on the other side were like Christmas. Facebook and twitter were gone, swallowed up in this new interactive user site, everything either got absorbed or pushed aside, and the end result was the most fabulous internet experience I've ever had. It's hard to describe, but I can say that every surface was internet capable and you could activate anywhere, you didn't have to spend ungodly amounts on devices, software, and services any more because it was just in everything. On the flip side, TVs were gone.

    The last part of the dream I was in a local theater for a city celebration of some kind, and the seats reclined all the way back to see a giant screen on the ceiling where videos made by locals were playing. And these were no ordinary videos. Tech had changed to the point where anyone could make top quality HD home video just like one guy can make a full band with a synthesizer, and remember those stupid cheap 70s effects you used to be able to do like split screen and pixilate and whatevs? This was awesome, you could wrap one person at a time in a 3D effect, or even multiple effects, create 3D popouts, make it look so real and choreographed that Hollywood could have done it, and it was just local people having fun. It was like local theaters had turned into the hotspots for get togethers and parties in between occasional blockbusters (got the feeling those were kinda rare given the huge advances in tech), and I loved it, was like being inside a youtube party with people you know and all the perks of being a theater.

    My words do not do any of these visions justice.

    Will these things come true? I've been having strange prophetic computer dreams since a very dear young lady died 9 years ago. We used to sit up together through the nights on our computers because she was afraid to go to sleep. I was almost computer illiterate and she (a child) would taunt me with funny things that she made happen with html. I begged her to tell me her secrets, but she never did. This went on for a couple of years and she finally died. After she died I had a dream where I asked her to show me her secrets now, and I started having computer dreams. I never studied an html tutorial. I hate tutorials. If I want to know something I first dream about it, then do a 3 second search and find exactly what I want, then do it. My dreams get pretty fantastic. I've been inside a computer and seen how the electrons flow. I've been in alt possibilities where some computer ideas never got off the ground that would have rocked the world. I've woken up confused thinking oh yeah, I forgot I made that website, but I never did. And I've dreamed of the future several times. I've seen movies and games that haven't been made yet, I've seen tech that doesn't exist yet, and I've always come awake feeling like it was so real that I couldn't believe it's not here yet. Remember how fast the last ten years changed? Put your seatbelts on and hang on. The next ten years might be pretty surprising, certainly the next twenty. Don't mourn change, because from what I've seen, it gets pretty awesome.

    It's coming.

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      Sharknado happened.

      The world changed, and suddenly Syfy is ruling the universe. I've prayed for this for 20 years. I'd almost given up hope, watching the world of imagination crumble away in the face of continual 'reality' shows and drive by media operating under the guise of social opinion. Yeah, there's still good movies out there, and yeah, other channels are picking up scifi and fantasy more often nowadays, but no one else out there COMMITTED AS A NETWORK to science fiction and fantasy. "Help me, Syfy, you're my only hope."

      Syfy had a plan all along. A PLAN. Slowly, almost tediously, like playing chess, maneuvering through hostile markets, like playing poker, investing in schemes that seemed to keep falling through, like playing Go Fish or Uno, secretly collecting the right cards to play later, Syfy has been brilliantly snagging this show or that opportunity, subtly combing the world for ideas- "Imagine Greater."

      Dr. Peter Venkman: For whatever reasons, Ray, call it... fate, call it luck, call it karma, I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that we were destined to get thrown outta this dump.
      Dr. Raymond Stantz: For what purpose?
      Dr. Peter Venkman: To go into business for ourselves. [Takes a swig of schnapps]
      Dr. Raymond Stantz: This ecto-containment unit that Spengler and I talked about is going to take a load of bread to capitalize. Where are we going to get the money?
      Dr. Peter Venkman: [Takes another swig] I don't know, Ray. I don't know.

      Well, whatever's going on, something WORKED. And whatever the media gabs on about it, the real nerds know a lot of it was Wil Wheaton leading the revolution. But will this trend continue? Or was it a fluke? Perhaps it was a *sign*.

      A cult underground of Syfy fans have lurked for two decades, and the world got to see them come out of their caves in all their glory last week, springing forth on twitter in such joie de vivre that innocent bystanders were swept into the surge by the thousands. Sharknado made twitter world history in such a weird way that some say it has changed forever the way the entertainment industry looks at twitter. I personally believe Sharknado is the Gen X version of Godzilla reborn. Whatever just happened, it's making CBS's adapted version of Stephen King's Under the Dome look pretty tame.

      It's as much a tradition for Syfy viewers to disgustedly fume about Syfy programming as it used to be for Star Trek fans to shred each new movie. That never stopped sales for Trek, and I don't think viewers fussing on their blogs and twitters about WWE wrestling and the Robot Combat League has made a dent in Syfy's audience stats. If it had, no one would have noticed Sharknado. It's kinda funny that the Snarkalecs, a solid Syfy fandom running a podcast radio show based on Syfy Original Movies on Saturday nights, tried staging a protest over the schedule change from Saturday nights to Thursday nights (and actually trended for 2 hours over Syfy live programming) only to be drowned out in a 48 hour Sharknado trending frenzy a week later. I think it's a fair bet that this week's Blast Vegas stands a good chance of getting some extra attention now, although I'm not holding my breath. I think Sharknado was weird cosmic timing for a nation weary of the real world drags in the middle of a hot summer.

      In case you missed it, Sharknado is being rerun this Thursday just before Blast Vegas, so pop your popcorn and make it a party night.

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      I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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        It's been 21 days since my last blurb. Sorry about that. I had a procedure on the 16th and a week later #babyburrito squirted out 4 weeks early (#theotherroyalbaby). SuperGram is a little worn out. And no, I'm not 'Gram'. I was dubbed 'Janik' 25 years ago by my own kiddo and it has stuck ever since. If my own kid doesn't call me mom, why would a grandkid call me gram, right?

        Things happened, though. Like I caught this while Scott was watching one of the Bourne movies again. (What do men love so much about that movie series, running like a jackrabbit? Learning evasive maneuvers, perhaps.) Anyway, please to notice that Jason was born in Nixa, Missouri.

        Oh, HECK no. All the babies around here are born either in Springfield, Branson, or Joplin, and some at the tiny outlying hospitals like Mansfield, etc. There is ~nothing~ like that in Nixa. At all. So unless the writers were randomly blipping through convenient town names (Nixa is the only US city with an X in it, cool huh?) (home of Sucker Days- big fish fry festival), that actually hints at even more trivia about Jason, right? Like maybe his mom couldn't go to a hospital for some reason... O_O You can carry that thought in so many directions, but then that begs the question of hiding a birth- he's got a birth certificate naming Nixa as a birth place, that would actually have made a few headlines around here. So whatever is up with Jason's birth in the first place, either those documents are faked, hiding way more info than they're letting on, or the writers just got sloppy. Things like that really bug me. Guess it bugs other people too.

        From Why did Tony Gilroy use Nixa Missouri for the birthplace of Bourne
        Just a hunch.....but somehow I think Brad Pitt must be involved in this. Brad Pitt is from Springfield, MO and anyone from Springfield, knows where 'Nixy" is.....=-) just "down the road" ...

        From Bourne..., The - Fun Facts and Information
        (I know this is a different movie, but a birth date is used as a code. Don't know if the same would be true for birth place.)

        From Jason Bourne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        In the films, David Webb was born in Nixa, Missouri. He was a Captain in the U.S. Army Special Forces, a Roman Catholic, and his Social Security Number is 829-63-1204. Other details vary in different parts of the trilogy: his blood type is O- on his dog tags but A+ in his induction report, and numerous birth dates are given, including August 21, 1971 on his file in Supremacy and September 13, 1970, as indicated by his various files in Ultimatum.

        And then, of course, I got a huge kick out of live tweeting Blast Vegas with the Snarkalecs and saved this little gem since I have a Lexx blog and Barry Bostwick played an Ostral-B heretic named Thodin in the first movie. Only Lexx fans can appreciate why I snarked this comment in the Blast Vegas movie.

        So much more, but basically-

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        I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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          So my library card and widget box both expired last month. Nearly every day I bump into some little surprise, but after getting through two daughters having babies, a big medical procedure, conquering my overwhelming fear of flying, and the Xanga migration flipping my world upside down all in the last 3 months, I hardly blink any more. I've noticed I barely even react to spiders lately. Even great big ones nearly the size of my hand. Nothing like being really good and worn out to calm a person down.

          I'm also really, really hungry. Between my plethora of food allergies and all the running around I've been doing, I keep skipping meals and chugging a chocolate milk every now and then when I get desperate, which all too quickly replaces the calories I should be getting from other food. Then between that and all the distraction and sidetracking, I've completely blown my regular workouts for nearly 3 months now. Time to get my routine back, get my good nutrition back on, and pull my head together or I'm going to have a dumb autumn full of being tired and puny.

          I've worked really hard to get where I am. I won't go into details, but over the last couple of years I came back from a long grind of medical despair, and over the last 12 months I've come back from seclusion to double the internet empire I once had. I'm so thrilled with my successes that I float through my days, even when the world feels like it sucks and depression sinks me like a rock for a couple of hours. I have never felt as good physically, mentally, and emotionally as I have this last year, like life is fun and I love my friends. It's a sweet feeling, and dang if I'm going to lose it over negligence. As Holly would say- Word.

          790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
          I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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            From twittascope today- "Others embellish their tales with flowery sentences and poetic verbs; you are too direct now for any unnecessary flourishes." Right? So shut up your eyes 'cause Imbouttodostuff.

            Not sure what was up last night with with CTRL-C-V and possibly an auto-correct overriding 11 wonky tweets during the #InvasionRoswell party, but that didn't stop professional Snarkalecs like Tony, Aaron, John, and Dylan from answering my question and Dawn from retweeting my misspelled hashtag, proof they were watching every single Snarkalec tweet in that insane 2-hour gamma ray burst through the twitter timelines.

            So the Snarkalecs are hitting the funny papers, whatever counts for 'news' reporting these days from twitter bots. From zebigweb's News from Twitter - "What have we learned tonight? That SOME Snarkalecs are really obsessed with anal probing."

            While I'm at it, here's an honorable mention for still yet unverified Gerald Webb giving the Snarkalecs honorable mention. From Asylum Fan-

            "Anything in the works you’re acting in or casting you can tell us about?"

            GERALD: Besides hanging out with the #SnarkAlecs on twitter on most nights, I appear on an episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia this season. (Season 8, episode: Maureen Ponderosa’s Wedding Day Massacre).

            That's the zombie episode, in case you haven't seen it. Gerald Webb plays one of the detectives. I obsessively collect that show. You can see more pics in Gerald Webb's photo stream on facebook.

            I keep losing internet every 5 minutes all this morning because we're getting more of that rain, not sure how many days in a row this makes it, so I'm kinda twiddling my thumbs instead of really working.

            It's not really that boring between Scott breaking a mercury bulb only feet away from the me flipping bacon earlier and a #babyburrito showing up at the door, but it's a good day to kick back and piddle while we wait for football to start back up.

            Like the 'idiot sobbont' version? See it here.

            Or see Simcity Zombie Disaster.

            I'm as afraid of being sucked into Simcity as I am Candy Crush Saga. I once disappeared into Collapse for days and finally emerged shaky, pale, and disoriented. The worst, though, was Easter Eggin'. I almost had to go into a recovery program over that one.

            I've lost count of how many times my internet here blinked out during the creation of this blurb. I've been coming back to it for nearly 4 hours, wandering off into more and more distraction every time I blink again. No stress though, I can wing anything after going to jail twice last night on a smokin hot laptop.

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              About 48 hours out from initial anaphylactic reaction to acetaminophen and my lips are still numb and my face feels sparkly, like a shot wearing off from the dentist. Yes, you heard right, I can't take any more Tylenol. The triage nurse at urgent care said she's allergic to it, too. I can't take ibuprofen either, but I won't get into my lengthy med reaction list.

              So I got a big ol' shot and ever since I've been wired to the gills on Prednisone and floating on a gallon of Benadryl, doing the H1 and H2 blocker regimen with Zyrtec and Pepcid, all this for 7 days and are we having fun yet. Sparkly.

              This is my head.

              790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
              I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                Looks like I'll be breaking 5000 views on this thread today. Thanx, guys. =)

                So my brain is still a little weird from that super crash through opiate withdrawal (low dose norco) and prednisone, feel all floaty in my arms and legs and like my brain is rolled up in bubble wrap after fighting for my life, so I'm a little giggly and twitter is messing with me.

                It all started with an innocent enough conversation.

                A closer look at exactly what I was responding to.

                And a bot comes along and grabs it like it's big news.

                I'm having to reassess, reprioritize, and reschedule. This crazy summer knocked me about two months off my intended work schedule and I want it back. Guess that means I'll be trimming back the watch parties and voluntary submissions to other people's sites, but it doesn't mean I cut back on ME. My ride is all about me, as it should be, so it's time to pick my dizzy self up off the ground and focus back on my own stuff. Because I have some vengeance to exact, years long in the making. Really getting tired of stuff like anaphylactic reactions to tylenol getting in my way.

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                I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                  Yeah, I know, I'm logging in with my jail account. It's still Pinky. Me and the laptop are having a knock-down-drag-out today on general principal.

                  I'm normally not one to jump at world headlines, but my impassioned plea to the media today is PLEEEAAASSSEEE don't turn Batman into a Ben-Lo event... It just screams desperation to mass merch, right? This is from 2011, click to go to the site if you're feeling nostalgic.

                  Click this one for relevant commentary- "Wear this WTT when you're...
                  making the single worst movie of your career."

                  The Ben Affleck announcement promises to turn Batman into the biggest fan wars the internet has probably ever seen. If I weren't already so sick of hearing every jot and tittle about Ben and J-Lo I'd probably find it amusing. Click the pic to get to the meme page.

                  Some people aren't finding it amusing...

                  If you already can't wait to see Ben Affleck as the new Batman, you're 1) an easy sell, and 2) an easy sell.

                  Did you catch the J-Lo cameo? =)

                  See more animated Lego vids by vnanimation


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                    I just had the most horrible nightmare. And right off the bat I have to thank the couple of people in my Merlin list feed on twitter that pointed out golf was invented by the Scots.

                    I was dreaming about twitter in this weird real time 3D metaphorical thing, like the South Park ep about Facebook, only way better. Each twitter user/avatar was its own little person, and the yap going on was like flitting in and out of lots of rooms in a house (my timeline), and outside feed was metaphorically set up a lot like the world outside the house. Threaded conversations, can I even describe those- maybe not, but it was kinda like little groups of users, only each user could appear simultaneously in several groups (conversations), like electrons can simultaneously go through two different slits.

                    So there was a new twitter app available, I downloaded it, and instantly each conversation took on a whole new depth of its own. I was having a little trouble jumping from one convo to another like you can on a twitter feed, but each conversation had its own group tag where you could glance down the original twitter feed and see different entire conversations happening in real time from the outside, like watching lots of tiny TV screens down your feed. Jumping in and out of them from the timeline itself was easy, but you couldn't jump from one conversation to another without going back to the main timeline first, which I thought was something that needed fixing on the app. Looking back on the way I was dreaming this makes me marvel at the human brain's capacity to 'map' multidimensionally what we actually do in our lives.

                    Anyway, several of the conversations were about Merlin, a couple in particular were about Bradley James, and even though I was busy being frustrated about the obvious lack of app ease, I spied one tag wherein guys were gathered around a King Arthur buried up to his head, even in full armor, and they were all holding golf clubs and about to start swinging. I jumped into the conversation to see what in the world, surely there wasn't going to be this kind of bloody violence and watching Arthur's head smashed to bits by laughing guys with golf clubs. I'd expect more of that kind of stuff in other threads, like zombies or Batfleck, or especially VMAs, but NOT King Arthur...?!?!?!?

                    Sure enough, they were about to bludgeon the poor guy to death, and I was all like I do NOT want to see this horrible violence in my feed! So I was about to delete the tag but I stopped because I got stuck in the app and couldn't get out of the conversation. Would *I* be deleted when I deleted the app??? O_O There was nothing left to do but get brave and plunge into the swinging golf clubs and protect Arthur's head from a blood bath while trying to grab the clubs and yank them away. And about then I woke up.

                    It was a really cool app. Twitter needs tags like that for threaded conversations, although I have no idea logistically how in the world they could pull it off. But I'm still upset about using King Arthur's head for group golf practice.
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                    I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                      Right off the bat, I did NOT dream about the 'blue lines' thing that suddenly showed up in twitter, from my last blurb before this one. Or maybe I did because I'm psychic. But you can't prove it.

                      This has been one of my epic fail weeks, thanks to more rigorous physical therapy than I'm used to. Even with a carefully constructed list I've managed to forget to
                      -pay my fitness center bill
                      -stop by the post office to pick up a gift of Stargate Universe from a cool Snarkalec
                      -pick up COFFEE
                      -and, as incredulous as this is, I, the bacon guru in this house, ran out of bacon just before International Bacon Day. On Labor Day weekend.

                      MY BAD.

                      But. I did secure a niiiice publishing contract. Sweeeeet. So maybe this week isn't a total loss.

                      Good things about this week-

                      -football has started

                      -I'm in the Snarkalecs fantasy league

                      -Xanga is finally moving to their new servers and the long wait is nearly over

                      -and a Merlin fan got a slew of Bradley James pix during a charity cricket match

                      Anybody who missed me on a Snarkalec live chat last Sunday can catch that here, if you think you can sit through over two hours of me fidgeting in front of a laptop. I think I come in around 8 minutes.

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                      I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                        So the new blue lines on twitter could never have kept up with this conversation. And I document it here before it is lost to the twitter dust of the ages. Behold, your new twitter god. Or your new fake beer. Whatevs.

                        Sorry if this is a rerun, but I need a brain cleanser after all that.

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                        I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                          Once a week I need a 'down' day where I don't think about anything and just wander slowly around doing laundry and stuff with my brain disengaged.

                          That isn't happening this week.

                          I have a publisher calling now (*joy*) (I'm not a phone person), projects lined up every weekend, stuff to take care of around town through the week, and Xanga driving me crazy now that my blogs are halfway back up and I don't know yet if I'll be rebuilding my templates from scratch on a whole new host system WHILE I'm under pressure to get my manuscript pulled together and edited. By the way, Ellen Dubin DMd me at 2 a.m.

                          so pass this on-

                          Dead Before Dawn 3D Premiere Screening
                          **Cast & Crew in Attendance for Q&A and Photo Opportunities**
                          TCL Chinese 6 Theatres - 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028
                          (323) 461-3331
                          WHEN: Friday September 6th, 2013 7:30pm (playing for one week)

                          My first priority today is repurposing some of the five dozen eggs I continually rotate through my fridge.

                          I have six hens, best laying bunch I've ever had, and if you think about organic eggs running $6-7 a dozen in some places, I've got golden eggs. This all sounds like a good thing until you run into new restrictions on selling without a permit or sharing without being health certified, but it all evens out later because they slow down to 1-2 eggs a day for about 3 months in the winter and then I wish I had more. So I have a plan. This is the time of year to stockpile baked holiday goodies in the big freezer so I can use up the half dozen eggs still coming in nearly every day, and then I won't need the eggs later because this stuff will already be done. Cool, huh? Thankfully, I love doing this kind of stuff, and I can let my brain flop around under the table to process stuff while I play in the kitchen. Or, if I'm being honest, this is my avoidance behavior when I'm in aspie overload.

                          Or this works, too. Oopsie.

                          While I'm doing this I'm listening to some awesome Lexx interviews on my friend chatins youtube channel. Spoiler alert if you've not seen Lexx.

                          If you'd prefer looking at Xenia Seeberg for 20 minutes here you go.
                          790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
                          I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                            I figured out today how acceptable mind control will come about. I was going straight through a busy intersection along the Medical Mile and noticed every driver in both lanes at the 90 degree angle off to my right had cell phones up to their ears.

                            We can't stop this. There is only one workable solution going forward. Brain implants.

                            Think about it. You could Bluetooth with wireless chips under your scalp, it's the same thing as the chips being in devices. I can also foresee traffic software brain downloads, as well, that help our brains oversee the correct movements when our conscious selves aren't paying enough attention. Real time GPS synchronizing along with a feedback integration in our awareness will cut traffic accidents so drastically (and save us going through drivers testing) that we will happily comply with upgrade downloads in our sleep every time there is a new sign erected or a highway construction change, etc. Traffic tickets will become obsolete. This will also in turn solve other problems like car theft, drunk driving, and high speed police chases.

                            If you could get a 98% guarantee that your high school or college age child would never get hurt or killed in a traffic accident, would you support a government mandated traffic chip implant for the right to drive? Seems way over the top, doesn't it? But so do statistics about traffic fatalities, never mind the comprehensive financial impacts of minor crashes that skyrocket our car insurance. I can't see this NOT happening once brain software is developed for mass consumption.

                            And while other people drive around with cell phones against their heads and steering wheels, I still drive around with a pen in one hand and a camera in the other. I had a picture of this and accidentally deleted it while I was in traffic at a stop light trying to do something else. Sorry.

                            790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
                            I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                              This really happened. Henry Winkler.

                              Couple of bystanders got cool shoutouts.

                              Then he tangled with a few Snarkalecs.

                              Tony Solo threw a live shoutout invitation to Mr. Winkler to join the Snarkalecs near the end of show 29. You can check out the celebrities already in the Snarkalec list. Tony tweeted while he was talking on a live show, so this is understandable, but his spelling has been off all week since he nearly died last weekend, so I just cracked up.

                              Hope I didn't miss anyone, I try to be a good historian.

                              So all y'alls go FF Henry Winkler on twitter.

                              790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
                              I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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                                Now, that gets a person a little misty, doesn't it? Twitter newbie makes one of my most obscure and unrecognized geek puns her very first retweet.

                                @LafayetteMsGay apparently knows the thickest physics book I have in my house and totally gets the significance of me insinuating the Doctor is reading it. I know the author appreciated it when it happened because he did this.

                                And 6 people retweeted HIM. (Still extremely flattering for moi, so glad I went back and saw that.)

                                Wanna follow a physicist or two? These guys. My favorites. Click their pics to go to their twitters and follow.

                                Guys, I can't take zyrtec. I know, I tried it again as an experiment, it's doing nasty things to me so I skipped it again, and here we are again, wanting coffee at 1 a.m. again. Kinda missed this middle of the night brain surging. Again.

                                I'm listening to this and hoping I feel sleepy soon. I guess shutting the laptop back off would help. Again. I know, it's all Bradley again lately, isn't it? I've been very stressed.

                                790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
                                I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.