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big worms- Tremors 6 movie and Syfy series reboot

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  • big worms- Tremors 6 movie and Syfy series reboot

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    I couldn't take Disney Jr anymore and veered Bunny into Syfy last week. I had all the Tremors movies saved on DVR, and I was desperate to get my brain back. If you've ever woke up fresh out of bed with the Doc McStuffins theme or the hotdog song from Mickey Mouse stuck in your head, you know what I mean. I needed hardcore Syfy sustenance, stat! And bam, there was Tremors.

    @TremorsGuide liked one of my tweets, so I found out there is an Unofficial Guide to Tremors, and that goes to a cool website with links to the book (and kindle) about behind the scenes. "A throwback to the kind of sci-fi B movies that had long gone out of fashion, Tremors was a box office flop that became a home video phenomenon, spawning multiple sequels and a short-lived TV series." Tremors is actually one of Syfy's best franchise hits. I've been public about being a Burt Gummer fan since 2008.

    Tremors 6 comes out in 2018!!!! Tremors 6 Gets A Release Date- The original date got pushed back, so summer 2018. You can find announcements like this one on facebook (click the next pic) (remember that the date has changed since he posted this)

    and follow Michael Gross on facebook and twitter for real time updates as he finds out himself.

    And if you want more on the TV pilot... lol. Yes, another series, yay!!!

    We love the 'big worm movies' in our house. People keep asking me what the big worm movies are that Bunny has been talking about this last week.
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    I. Can't. Wait.

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