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  • James Webb Telescope

    ​​​I am excited to read about this project and very much looking foreword to the coming information that will be reveled by this technology.

    JWST is not a radio telescope, it was an array of radio telescopes that span the entire earth that were used to create the images of the black hole in our galaxy yesterday. they "synthesis the resolution" with the EHT array, this gives them "roughly" a synthetic aperture the size of our planet.

    JWST will be seeing back in time to the big bang? It seems more logical to me there would have had to of been more than one big bang, and I also question "nothing before"? I guess we are about to find out. I just have a hunch the big bang theory is unlikely to be feasible for many reasons. Not that I have anything against Georges Lemaitre, who was a cosmologist a theoretical physicist, a mathematician, a professor of physics, a Catholic priest and the father of the big bang theory.

    JWST should finally put these questions to rest, It's great to have answers when you need them.

    This is a nice representation from the website

    Click image for larger version  Name:	JWSTCapture.PNG Views:	0 Size:	25.7 KB ID:	3645