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Spektrum DX3 Wont stay centered.

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  • Spektrum DX3 Wont stay centered.

    I have been working on this problem for quite some time.

    Last year this transmitter worked great without any issues and this year I could not get my steering to stay centered on my Mugen MBX5 Prospec.

    I tried multiple servo's and new servo horns, different receivers, and did a servo saver inspection.

    It has been driving me nuts for the first 4 Dirt Dawgs points race's.

    Finally ran across another forums post on another site that gave me the idea and this is what I found.

    In the following photo you can see the potentiometer for the steering wheel on the transmitter inside the transmitter, I took the tx apart and low and behold, the pot was busted loose on the inside! Looks like they fasten it on with a soldering iron or something from the factory, you can see the 3 melted places that broke.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1182557831_1_FT0_potentiometer.jpg
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    This is what I did to fix it, I applied 4 drops of CA Glue and let it dry to hold the pot in place. I don't think it will be as good as new but it should hold up for awhile, I hope.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1182557831_1_FT0_potentiometer-fixed.jpg
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    I guess I got a little wild with the plastic thing, maybe when I was cleaning it to aggressively or while driving towards the end of the season last year I really wanted to turn in one direction or the other.

    If you ask me this dose not look a very good quality item and it should not break so easily.

    I will have to think twice before I consider buying the new DX3R coming out at the end of July or early August.


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    Just wanted to add, my DX3R radio has been bullet proof