IFMAR World Championships - Sept. 15-21, 2008

The Worlds 2008 are located at The Farm II in Charlotte North Carolina

This is a collection of information and Photo's I have obtained from around the net from places such as and

Practice started on Monday the 15th the weather was dry and the track conditions were good, As I recall the lap time's by some of the best drivers were in the low 40's. There was problems with the electrical power and much of the track was short on it.
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Tuesday the 16th was scheduled to be the first day of heat races but the weather took a turn for the worse with rain and wet track conditions. Charlotte, North Carolina 62.6 ????F / 17.0 ????C Overcast

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Throughout the day the heats ran pretty much as scheduled but as the race's started sometime's with 15 car's or so in the line up, you would see only 0 to 3 or 4 drivers bring their car out on the track, some just trying to get a little better position then the next guy for the main events. These are pro drivers and although being positioned at the back of the pack verses the front for a 20 minute main would mean nothing to me, to these guy's it could really be the one thing that gave them the edge or somebody else.

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The lap times and number of laps are really down, 5 or 6 laps, from yesterdays practice, I watched one practice race with team drivers Scott Hughes from the USA driving the new Mugen MBX6 (Sponsored by Proline, Mugen, Futaba, OS Engines, SRAM, Upgrade, Ballistic Bateries and Oakley) and Jerome Aigoin from France driving the Kyosho MP9. (Sponsored by Kyosho, Sirio, GRP, Futaba and Meccamo)

Jerome with the MP9 remained in first for much of the race and in the final 3 or 4 laps of the 14 lap race, Scott in the MBX6 caught and passed him for the lead and the win! Granted this was only a practice race but it was still fun to watch.

The weather prediction at this time for the rest of the week looks good, a slight chance of rain for Wednesday and the rest of the week could be dry or at least without more rain. The pit area could not possibly get any worse then this.
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This year there are basically 4 new 1/8th scale buggies on the market looking to capture the World Champion title and become the top selling buggy kit come Monday September the 22nd.

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The MUGEN Seiki MBX6 - Not available to the public until October 2008

The KYOSHO MP9 - Not available to the public until October 2008

The Losi 8ight 2.0

Hot Bodies D8

These buggies should have the manufactures top team drivers on the stand for this event, looking to claim the 1st place bragging rights. Some other top team drivers will be representing there team with the currant kit from their camp, Associated's RC8, Jammin's X2 and the Losi 8ight should also be represented by some of the top drivers in the world even though they are not showcasing a new chassis design this week.

This is a photo of Renaud Savoya's MBX6 that he took 3rd place in the final with.

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Mike Truhe ended the day in second place and TQ in the worlds with the Losi 8ight 2.0

And the winner this year with the Hot bodies car...

Atsushi Hara!

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Position Driver Car # Laps Time Fast Lap

1 Hara, Atsushi 7 79 1:00:06.199 42.889
2 Truhe, Mike 3 79 1:00:07.609 43.245
3 Savoya, Renaud 8 79 1:00:22.903 43.713
4 Tebo, Jared 4 78 1:00:00.135 43.854
5 Maifield, Ryan 1 78 1:00:14.459 43.131
6 James, Taylor 5 78 1:00:17.905 44.180
7 Tessman, Ty 9 78 1:00:40.078 44.457
8 Batlle, Robert 6 77 1:00:19.965 43.883
9 King, Cody 12 76 1:00:36.274 43.993
10 Robbers, Jesse 10 66 55:30.505 43.984
11 Cavalieri, Ryan 2 42 49:01.112 43.647
12 Amezcua, Travis 11 26 20:11.634 44.208