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More Eggs from the blood Parrots

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  • More Eggs from the blood Parrots

    I was just noticing that my blood parrots had got really huge and they were sticking together like a pair.I was watching TV and saw one of them digging a hole in the gravle. I got up and looked to see what was going on and to my surprise there were tiny, allmost clear but still have to say white, EGGS!
    This is the third time I have had Fry in my tank. First the Affricans with baby blue and then the Convicts had fry and somebody ate them all, and now the blood parrots. I must be doing the right things to have so much breeding going on.
    If they hatch I will get some photos to post for you.
    catch ya latter.......

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    Just my luck ,,, sombody ate them all. Thats what I get for having a mixed tank. Possibly if i had a seperate tank set up to put the breeding pairs in I would have more success......... All the fish are doing well anyways.