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Surprize! I have a new baby fish

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  • Surprize! I have a new baby fish

    I was going to clean the tank and I picked out some of the habitat and there it was. The little guy was a half an inch long and he is neon blue. Such a cutie pie...I didnt even notice that I had a mating pair and he must have been in there a long time because when they are born they are only a quarter of an inch.
    Sorry to say when they are born there is normaly 30 to 40 of them and I think they must have goten eaten or sucked up the filter tube.
    Only the strongest will make it to adult hood in a tank of many bigger fish.
    How fun it was to discover this little guy, and that he has made it quite well hiding underneath the stuff the other fish cant get in to.
    thanks for reading ......have a nice day

    Sister Judy
    Ps. I did this note from Elgin Comunity College on my brake

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    The new Baby Affrican

    Hi, The new surprise fish is doing well. I have named him Baby Blue. I think I now know who the parents are becuse they are back at work on making more.
    I will be buying a brooding tank for the baby fish. Baby fish are called Fry for some reason and the brooding tank just hangs on the inside of the big tank and has small holes to allow water flow. it is a protection tank to keep them from geting sucked up the filter or eaten from the other fish.
    I will have to keep my eye on them so when they hatch I will have to scoop them up and put them in the brood tank.
    I would love to take a picture of him and post it hear but the little guy hides from the other fish so i will have to wait till he is brave and big enough to swim in the open.
    I will be posting new photos and video soon so keep checking back with me hear. Thanks for visiting .......Sister