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My piranha has no teeth

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  • My piranha has no teeth

    Yes as crazy as it sounds I have a piranha that has no teeth.

    Growing up my parents had a piranha in a very large tank in the basement. We had him for 6 years and he would eat anything we put in the tank with him. I used to go down and feed him Frozen shrimp and occasionally a piece of hot dog or other type of meat.

    Now as an adult I have a few tanks and all my fish are doing quite well except for my piranha witch I have had for a year and a half now. I got him as a small baby and I had been feeding him small feeder fish and frozen shrimp or crab meat and I recently noticed he wasn't eating. I got down and looked closely at him and found he had lost all his teeth. I suppose I never researched what the piranha needed for his diet and just thought I would feed him just like we had the one when I was a kid.

    I am hoping this post will bring me good feedback from somebody who might know what it is I should do about this. Will the teeth grow back? Will he starve to death before I can figure out what to do? I am trying to feed him smaller pieces of food and regular ciclid fish food and he wont take any of it.

    Well, You cant get false teeth for a piranha so only time will tell.

    Thanks Judy

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    Well I went and looked up as much info as I could on the teeth thing and found that Piranha's shed there teeth and they grow back so I watched him and he is doing just fine. He is eating again and feeding him the shrimp is perfect for him and has a lot of calcium. I did get him to eat a few ciclid pellets so I believe he will do very well except that I need a bigger tank for him.


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      AH CRAP !!!!! He's dead ..... Sucks I guess he wasn't doing well after all. I will just have to try it better next time. All my other fish are doing perfect.