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2006 Season.........

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  • 2006 Season.........

    The season is here! I just received this message from the Prez....

    Hey all,

    It's great to be thinking of Horseshoes once again after a 5 month hiatus.
    I think I've mentioned before, I really look forward to horseshoe season each year and hope you do also.

    The annual Spring meeting will be at our usual spot Moe-B-Dicks on Thursday March 2nd. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM. Please be sure at least one representative is there for your team.

    Discussion will be the rules of course, and other subjects that may arise.
    My guess is that it will last about an hour.

    From my last email in the Fall of 2005, I have received confirmation from the following teams that they definitely will be returning:

    Paul Miller - 3-D Interstate Batteries
    Phil Speck - 3-D Sideouts
    Pete Gorski - Rusty Nail's RePeters
    Terry Samples - Moe-B-Dick's Crew
    Gary Gabriel - O'Leary's Hookers
    Ken Horn - Suds-R-Us Clydesdales
    Roger Schwebke - Westlanes Iron Slingers Louie Aguayo - Golf Farm Sharp Shooters Joe Cole - Cardella's Rookies

    The rest I have not heard from as of today Feb 10th. I presume all are returning, but please reply back to this email and let me know anyway. I already have 1 new team ready to join and a 2nd on the fence. If anyone knows of any other teams that want to join, have him/her contact me ASAP to add them to the list. To work out correctly, we would need 6 new teams to make 30 if we were to expand. I've never had 6 so we probably will hold the membership to 24 teams as usual.

    Also, for sure at least 1 team is switching houses and I have heard rumors of others. So having a schedule ready is not possible. Also, if any teams are not coming back, that would also affect the schedule. If your team is changing houses, please notify me as promptly as practical.

    Bring with you any members email addresses who want to receive the weekly standings throughout the season. Also, if you are not the returning Captain, please notify me who is and give me his/her phone number. Also have that person contact me.

    That's about it for now. Again, I look forward to the new season and seeing you all on March 2nd at Moe-B-Dicks. Until then...

    Have Fun Out There..!

    Dah NIHL Prez