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Slang across history

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  • Slang across history

    Just writing about the slang term's for excellent as it has changed over the ages for some reason.

    What are all the Cool kids saying these days?

    Imagine it, man - a whole century of cultural shifts. It's totally wicked to see the impact a hundred years makes on society.

    Let me know if I missed any or got some wrong.

    Starting off in the...

    1920's > The bee's knee's, The cat's pajama's

    1930's > Aces

    1940's > Kean, Peachy Kean, Hip

    1950's > Nifty, Swell

    1960's > Groovy

    1970's > Far Out, Rad, Psychedelic

    1980's > Cool, Wicked, Fly

    1990's > Bomb, Phat, Gnarly

    2000's > Dope, Sweet

    2010's > Lit, Fire

    2020's > Sick