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    Sunday, July 26, 2020

    timespace data packets

    Originally published here.

    I dreamed last night that I was in a time team. There were lots of time teams all over the planet, three to four 'timers' in each group. Our minds were inserted thusly.

    Hosts were preset with inoculations to receive incoming from another timespace (not the same as spacetime). Each inoculation contained a chip specifically coded to receive one of several incoming data packets. When the chip was activated, a very long single data stream would download into a preset bracketed area into the coding, like so [enter]. Some bracketed areas looked like ] [ or [[ ]] or something else, depending on the authority level of the incoming, which would activate specific areas of the chip for special ops need-to-know. Timers were lowest level in command units and streamed into [ ]. Each data stream was a quantum buffered memory chain (think some kind of blockchain) that could be sent in any direction in timespace into a new host, as long as it contained a keycode that matched a keycode in the inoculation chip. Each keycode was unique to each individual data stream, and that is how people were able to quantum time travel their consciousness into preexisting hosts.

    Time teams were immediately vetted upon entry by two higher level greeters trained in role assignment and team coordination. Here timers would be given their instructions, usually very quickly and possibly even on the run, and then delivered to team captains (assigned) or team leaders (step ups) to complete missions.

    Every timer was instructed upon arrival to do only as they were told, mission came first, and to immediately abandon compromised timers and regroup, only goal was to complete the mission at any cost. There were certain rules about timer group behaviors that were trained in before being streamed into timer hosts in order to save time, since timer groups could be breached in progress of data loads. Some timers would stream in and immediately start running for their lives. Terrain and generalized population maps were memorized before streaming in, although depending on the time streamed to, these could be useless. Weapons training, camouflage techniques, and team comms were all trained before streaming. Training happened in military units set up in citizen centers for volunteers.

    Team captains and leaders would oversee a number of time teams, sometimes coordinating their missions. Time teams didn't necessarily need to report in unless mission fail was imminent, as too much was happening on too many levels to handle incoming reports. Each time team was expected to be able to complete their missions autonomously, relying only upon their training, mission instructions, and their own judgement. Time teams were expected to resolve problems, regroup, and carry on down to the last team member. Reporting in for mission fail was the only vital feedback, and it was not always possible due to ambushes from rogue teams and players.

    Obviously, timespace was being used by rival ops, some to thwart white hat missions, some to recruit, some simply just went rogue. I got no other information in my dream about that.

    My time team was ambushed at least three different times, our team captain was slain during a coordinated ambush, the greeters I'd met were both killed, and I think all this happened within about two days to maybe a week. This was a highly detailed very busy dream, which could be fleshed out into a science fiction thriller, but I don't have time for that.

    The details about prepping for streaming over through timespace are best guess. I wasn't shown details, but had enough personal experience information during the dream to figure this out. Data streams from original volunteers were not the same as a human really traveling intact through time. We were detailed cognitive copies of human brain activity and function that would be able to survive the data streaming and then apply knowledge to decision making and taking action. Data streaming was one way and only expected to be a short burst of mission activity on the other end, which volunteers would not be able to personally experience. Data streams would become corrupt over very short periods of time, meaning they couldn't be stored and reused, so volunteers by the hundreds and thousands would show up to citizen centers for the military training and reaping of data packets to stream immediately through timespace.

    Rogue groups on the far side had also obviously had access to this entire process and were thwarting missions, which meant that highly classified intel was being accessed via mole(s) and rigorously used against the white hat agenda.

    Here is the really sad part of the dream. Although I experienced it first person, I cannot remember the mission my time team was given, or any of the other missions relating to ours. I do remember coordinating with other time teams, regrouping our ambushed time team into another team, being very aggressively ambushed with people being murdered right in front of me, the frenzy of escaping, being hunted, hiding, reassessing the mission, making contacts, reconstructing our missions from the scraps we had become, etc. I never thought about getting 'back' because I knew this was a one-off and I couldn't, so I didn't waste my time on it. I suspect many rogues were born from failed missions.

    The activity on the far end was also obviously very dangerous and bloody. The hosts we were data streamed into were considered expendable, as were we. I don't recall discussions on ethics bringing up problems with this. My own data stream was a short jump into a future within my own lifetime that had obviously gone very wrong very quickly, nearly all vehicle traffic had been abandoned, large buildings stood derelict, it seemed most of the people could only thrive in small population centers that had gathered into buildings where electric power could still be maintained, and in the dizzy disorientation of culture shock, many of the survivors were playing out a grisly parody of continual party theme, drinking themselves into stupors while they were all dolled up ignoring the horrible calamities that must have happened outside. Our hosts were picked from among these, sobered up, and prepped for incoming. Other population outside of this was very sparse in between survivor buildings, and all human behavioral codes seemed abandoned. Natural order was gone, and all that survived was a nihilistic party gamer attitude.

    I'm not sure what the overarching goal was behind the missions, but to go forward into fail could only mean recon and data retrieval on what had gone so horribly wrong. I suspect my time team's mission was infiltrating a high level government building in order to get into a protected internally networked computer system. I suspect the time teams were tasked with getting this system back up and running enough to compile data histories to relay back (somehow, I never found out if information could go the other way) so that revisions could be made on decisions going forward from origination.

    It was obviously already too late to change the original fail. There was nothing set up at that point to data stream into, no inoculation chips coded to accept incoming data packets. The only comprehensible move was recon to find out what had gone wrong in order to insert fail-safes in the meantime between point A and point B in linear time. This would mean many time trips as fast as immediately possible in order to secure a crucial time point in which to establish a change that would preempt the complete fail of the original mission. The time teams involved would have to be extremely numerous for such a vast recon, especially with players going off mission and sabotaging time teams.

    This seemed to be a very brutal time war with uncountable loops and resets that could only be managed by a very secure quantum artificial intelligence.

    I have nothing else to add from here.
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