The last time I'd sat in a theater was in 2009 to see the new Star Trek. I got through it medicated out of my mind, with ear plugs and sunglasses with a migraine (I kid you not). No way was I going to miss Star Trek Into Darkness 3D this time in a theater, either, so I combo'd ear plugs and my cool Sony noise reducing headphones, popped a benadryl and a norco (had a valium on standby) and hunkered down with my chocolate milk (I get to bring stuff into theaters because food allergies, nyah nyah), annoying everyone around me with my cell phone.

I love my HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, can't wait till they can implant this tech into my brain! Ok, I'll be honest, the only people around me also had their cell phones out, no one was annoyed. But some of them were jealous I could get this quality with just a point and click in the dark. I think this was even a 3D preview.

Yeah, I know, the movie was 3D, so that screwed me getting cool Star Trek shots, sorry to whoever might have been slavering for Kirk and Spock and cool spaceship pix. I'm a mean tease.

*SPOILER WARNING* Proceed at your own risk now. SHUT YOUR EYES while I do a death by power point review.

Anyone else notice the social interaction was so carefully constructed this time that even an ASPIE could get it? omg, thank you JJ, but dang it was predictable dialogue. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate it, but Spock having to jump hoops explaining feels in an apologetic tone kinda creeps me out. I know the guy went through rough stuff, yada yada, but if he has to EXPLAIN that to people who KNOW HIM SO WELL, ***dang***. Filler, please. But it's the next gen watching now, I get the need to do this.

(For those of you new Star Trek geekers who really don't know, it's a long-standing tradition for hard core Trekkies to bash every single new Trek movie that comes out. Doesn't mean anything bad, actually means we love it, ok? Lukewarm reviews come from lukewarm fans, hard core griping means we've embraced the Spock, know our tech, researched our physics, and combed over every shred of filming detail we can find. And at this point, I've turned INTO the new Spock, explaining my feels to noobs...)

So Admiral Marcus was the Trek Sith, who'd a thunk? I love Peter Weller, so glad they got him to do that part. I do NOT love Cumberbitch, I mean Khan, they only got him because the UKs fangirl all over him on their twitters. The person next to me said he reminded her of Guy Smiley. I didn't see it, but he sure can get a mechanoid thing going with his mouth hinge. Ok, ok, my REAL thoughts are *ARG*, the raw animal brutishness (and sex) of original Khan is now a well coifed steely eyed Bond villain more lacking in emotional depth than Spock, now that Spock openly admits he quells his feels now, so the world is upside down and no one knows there is a whole new megaship being built just the other side of Jupiter, omg Star Fleet is so BLIND... *gasp* hang on ~pant, pant~ gotta catch my breath for a sec.

But yeah, Peter Weller was a cool bad guy dude, glad Carol got that stinging slap on her daddy, YEAH!

And I do have to admit, Benedict Cumberbatch played Khan just fine. One thing- for noobs that don't know because THIS they didn't really take the time to asplain like they did Spock's feels- Vulcan strength is about 5 times that of humans, and genetically perfected Khan was far superior even to a Vulcan, hence the need for the fight scene to be more equally balanced with superhumanness on both sides, but thank goodness for tiny little Uhura showing up during the most vital moment so Spock would be motivated to bulk up his moves and overcome. Because I mean that neck pinch, hahahahahahaha!!!!! Oh, good one, JJ, *loved* it.

Oops, my bullet points are coming behind the paragraphs now. Back on track...

So all y'alls were catching all the old Trek references coming full circle back to alt Trek, right? I won't list those, but I was mentally ticking them off all through the movie. Very well done, stamp of approval. I saw the radiation death reversal scene coming, didn't expect the tear I got, so *applause* there, that was cool. Spock's feels were just fine there, give that Vulcan a HUG *weeps into my contraband chocolate milk*.

I thought they'd do more with Spock mind melding Captain Pike's death, you know, since Pike pretty much replaced Kirk's father feels and stuff, just thought it would come up later- Kirk, he loved you like a father... Spock weeps... Ok, I know I'm being melodramatic over how they trumped up Spock's feels, but the seed was planted, just thought it would go that way.

The obligatory calling himself up on the phone thing was perfect- Hi Spock. Oh hi Spock, sup? Dude be all up in my grill here. Kill that bitch. K, thanx man, word. Say hi to your girlfriend.

SPACESHIPS. EARTH TRAFFIC. SUPER COOL AWESOME 3D TECH SCENES. I saw plenty of opportunity to game this up, and yes, I was jerking around ducking out of the way every little bit in my 3D glasses. If I'd had popcorn it would have gone flying during the Spock-Khan fight. Not really clear why the Enterprise needed to hide in an ocean when they could have zipped out of sight several other ways, and would have been so much faster, etc, but the film effects were worth the klunky story situations. Person next to me didn't know Vulcans can genetically tolerate heat way better than humans, so I'm hoping whatever new novels are born out of alt Trek jump back into Vulcan physiology tales for the hop-on nerds happily babbling on the twitters about how they've found their inner geek now.

Final thought- Spirk is back. ;-) OH yeah, saw plenty of Spirky goodness opportunities for the fans to grab and put to music on the youtubes. If you don't know what I'm saying, it's cool, remain innocent and sweet. Them boyz got bromance all over the screen, and if that's what it takes these days, there you go. Main thing is to keep Trek ALIVE AND WELL, am I right?