It's a long-standing tradition among Trek fans to bash every single Trek movie that comes out, literally to pieces, so it's not really personal that some of us have taken swings at JJ Abrams blowing up Vulcan and obliterating 'science'. I've had plenty to say about JJ taking Trek over, and Felicia Day threw a pretty good punch into the Abrams Trek empire lately herself.

But I've been noticing something cool. People that can barely even get a geek on (much less know how to use that phrase properly) are becoming Trekkies. Do you guys remember how staunchly we used to fight for and protect the Trek dynasty from oblivion? Well, no more. Abrams has successfully embedded Trek into the brains of hippy noobs that never even GET scifi, much less drool over it. How do you measure success? The Twilight and Little Pony crowds are happily chirping they've got their geek on all over twitter after seeing the Trek movie, that's how. Parents who thought Trek would die with the older generation are thrilling to their spawn gibbering over Spock and Uhura, and even though the logistics of that relationship are irking us to no end, dang it guys, it's putting Trek into the mouths of babes.

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THIS IS IMPORTANT. The whole idea behind Trek is that Earth has united into a global governance that has solved the food crisis, wiping out famine and poverty and is now looking forward to science and the stars. The Trek idea is that humanity can boldly go forth and create a United Federation of Planets that incorporates all sentient life forms as equally valid (as long as they aren't intent on wiping out other life forms *cough* like Abrams did *cough*), and etc. Trek started out shocking us with interracial relationships and savvy thinking, and it's refreshing to see that we've moved beyond the whole interracial kiss thing on screen and don't even notice any more. THAT IS IMPORTANT. What Abrams is giving us is the chance to continue the dream of a positive future in the midst of so many alien movies and series hellbent on pitting the survival of war torn Earth against massive alien incursions over and over and over...

And we're getting some fun commercials out of it. No vids in blogs here, but you can click here to see it.


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