Is there an interdimensional portal between our universe and an alternate dimension?

You might be wondering why something like this if it is true, isn't headline news? Are we still waiting to "SEE" with our own eyes, are we all looking for the smoking gun? I'd hate to be the new outlet that run's with this story and is found out to be a nut case. I wouldn't want to be the one person alive who dare speak the thought out loud. Perhaps there is someone who has seen enough to convince themselves that we really are not alone. Maybe, there will be that one champion who steps forward, maybe there will be that one piece of hard evidence revealed, could it be soon? Will it be free energy, money, will it start war, will it stop war, will it be ignored, can we help them, will they help us, do they even care about us, who are they?

The concept of interdimensional portals and alternate dimensions is often explored in science fiction and theoretical physics, but there is currently no scientific evidence to support their existence. Speculation and theories about these subjects exist, but they remain speculative and have not been scientifically proven.

In the scientific community, claims and theories require rigorous testing, evidence, and peer review before they are accepted as valid. Extraordinary claims, such as the existence of interdimensional portals, would require substantial evidence and research to gain widespread acceptance.

It is important to approach such topics with critical thinking and skepticism, while remaining open to new discoveries and scientific advancements. Scientists and researchers around the world continue to explore the mysteries of the universe, but conclusive evidence regarding interdimensional portals and alternate dimensions has yet to be established.

David Grush interview (here is a live stream |

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President Biden signed into LAW on December 23, 2022:
  • UAP Whistleblowers are legally allowed to rip up their non-disclosure agreements
  • UAP Whistleblowers are legally allowed to report on UAP programs REGARDLESS OF THEIR CLASSIFICATION STATUS
AARO is LEGALLY obligated to set up a public website to collect these reports. Their deadline is for setting this up is 6/21/23.

SOURCE: (Section 1673 (a)(5) ) link still good on 6/24/23