Happy Presidents Day!

Today is a good day to think about some of the great presidents we've had in the past and it's also a good day to wonder why we can't see to find any of that greatness in the present. How did we go from being led to Lincoln and Rutherford B. Hayes to being led by Joe Biden? When I look back over the elections of my lifetime, it's obvious -- with hindsight -- that America's biggest recent political mistake was not electing Mitt Romney in 2012. A lot of really annoying things could have been avoided with a Romney victory in 2012.

Oh well. I'm an optimist at heart. We've had great presidents. We've had mediocre presidents. We've had presidents who were forgettable. In the future, we'll find another great leader. Until then, there are movies to be watched, books to be read, and song to be sung! Never stop dancing.