I guess I should give an update on the kitchen situation.

Way back in early September, I posted that our attempts to get a new dishwasher had been delayed by the discovery of a water leak and mold in the kitchen. Well, we called out some people to take care of the mold and, just as I feared, it escalated as the guy started trying to pressure us into letting him rip apart the entire kitchen. He wanted $15,000 to rip apart the kitchen and take care of any mold that was found and then, to rebuild the kitchen, he would have to give us another separate estimate.

We said screw that. We did call a plumber to take care of the leak but my boyfriend and my sister cleaned up the mold on their own. (I have asthma so I wasn't really allowed to help. I'm not complaining.) Obviously, it was a lot of hard work but it was better to do it ourselves and avoid spending over $15,000.

So, long story short, the mold is gone, the dishwasher is installed, and I'm much happier! I feel kind of silly about getting so upset about it to begin with. But really, it's because the guys who came out tried to panic us. It was only after they left that I realized that panic is how those people make their money.