So, today, I finally took my car in to get it inspected and I was informed that, before it can pass inspection, I need to drive it for another 60 or 80 miles. I just recently got a new battery and apparently, that wiped out all the old data that the computer had about emissions or something. I don't know.

Before I took the car in to get it inspected, I thought something like this might be a problem, though. I've largely been working from home and my favorite movie theater is currently closed so I've hardly driven my car at all. Even when I did go into the office last week, I got a ride into Dallas from Jeff because I just didn't feel like driving. So, I knew the fact that the car hadn't been driven much could lead to some annoying complications but I wasn't expecting to be told to drive 60 to 80 miles.

ARGHHH! It's so annoying. I might just go up to the lake for the weekend. That would take care of the miles. The main reason I'm angry is that I just wanted to get all of this done in one day. That's all. Instead, now it's all becoming some sort of freaking production where I have to keep my eyes on the number of miles I've driven. It's inconvenient as Hell and if you ever want to know why I'm so anti-government, it's because of stuff like this!

It's also stressing me out on what was supposed to be my week to relax. So, I might have to push my week to relax off until next week. Why the Hell do I even have to get my car inspected in the first place? I thought this was America.

Oh well, it'll all work out. I'm just annoyed right now.