1. Cthulhu -- Cthulhu is an obvious choice for first place. I mean, even when he's asleep, he's inspiring people.
2. Nyarlathotep -- This is Outer God with all the style. If you're going to hang out with an Outer God, this is the one.
3. Bast -- Bast doesn't do much but she's related to the cats and that's good enough for third place.
4. Azathoth -- All of existence is a dream that's taking place in Azathoth's mind. Azathoth doesn't remember his dreams so he's the most powerful being in the universe and yet, he doesn't know it. That's impressive, even if you do feel a bit sorry for him.
5. Yog-Sothoth -- Azathoth's grandson knows everything.
6. Hastur -- Hastur is so impressive that his name is unspeakable!
7. The Color From Outer Space -- The Color makes the list just by the fact that no human can describe what it looks like because it's a color that's never before been seen by human eyes.
8. Nyogtha -- Nyothga is described as being "an inky cloud of shadows," which is frightening enough to win him a place right underneath the Color From Outer Space.
9. Zvilpogghua -- Check out this description: A bat-winged, armless toad with tentacles instead of a face." AGCK!
10. Mormo -- Mormo may not be as well-known as some of the others on this list but she's got a lot of style and she also has the confidence to disguise herself as being a vampire. If anyone deserves a reality show, it's Mormo.