There are some days when I can control my ADD and then there's other days when my ADD controls me and guess what today is? Seriously, my mind has been going a hundred directions at once. It's frustrating but what can I do other than take a deep breath and wait for it to come back together.

For the record, ADD is the most misunderstood of conditions. I once heard someone call it a "disease." Someone else once asked me if it was the same thing as hearing voices. I wanted to punch both of them but I didn't. I guess unless you have it, you really can't understand what it's like to just be incapable of focusing on what you need to get done.

In some ways, of course, ADD has been very good to me. I've been told that part of my charisma comes from my unbridled enthusiasm for every new project and the fact that you can never really predict what I'm going to say or what I'm going to get interested in. A lot of that I owe to having ADD. But there are days, like today, when you wonder where your focus has gone.