It's been a while since I've seen Ask The Undertaker on television. I don't know if it still airs or not.

What was Ask The Undertaker?

It was a show that was produced by a local a funeral home, in which the undertakers would discuss the best way to prepare for a funeral. It was basically just one big infomercial for the funeral home but I always enjoyed it. I think it's because the funeral home was one of those places that would hire mourners if the person who died didn't have many friends or surviving family. For just a few dollars more, people would come to your funeral and cry and basically make it look like you had more going on in your life than you actually did. I thought that was a nice touch and maybe the premise for a good sitcom.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen the show listed in the guide for a while so I guess maybe the undertaker answered every question that needed to be asked.