One of the good things about the pandemic -- perhaps the best thing -- is that I've spent the past year working from home. As much as I miss my commute (and I'm not being sarcastic because I love driving into the city), I really do love just being able to spend my day sitting in my private office, finishing my work in an hour, and then watching TV for the rest of the day. I've grown to really enjoy watching the retro TV stations -- MeTV, This TV, Antenna TV. I'm a history nerd and watching those old shows is a bit like having a time machine.

Of course, a lot of those old shows aren't particularly good and I'd be lying if I said that I paid close attention to all of them. To a certain extent, they're nice background nice. Still, there's nothing quite as zen as just sitting back in my office all day and listening to canned laughter from 40 years ago.