Last night, after the Super Bowl, I watched the premiere of The Equalizer on CBS. It's a show that stars Queen Latifah as a former spy who I guess is now going to help people who need someone to get them out of trouble. If you're overwhelmed, she'll equalize your odds, I guess.

It was .... pretty dull, to be honest. It's definitely a CBS show. The network that gave you NCIS gives you yet another run-of-the-mill crime drama where everyone is a former secret agent and way too much time is spent with people staring at computer screens while the camera circles around them in a desperate attempt to create some sort of excitement. As soon as I saw that the show featured a bearded Adam Goldberg sitting in front of a gigantic screen, I pretty much knew what I was in for.

Anyway, I imagine this show will be popular with the same people who have somehow managed to keep NCIS going for nearly 20 years. As for me, the pilot was a bit too conventional to really capture my interest.