I woke up today to discover about 20 different emails, all purporting to be from various dating websites -- OurTime, Zoosk, International Cupid, etc., etc. The main reason why I found this interesting is because I'm definitey not single and I don't belong to any dating websites. That's especially true for something like OurTime, which is apparently a site for single people in their 50s and over. Don't get me wrong -- I think it's great that the older folks have somewhere to go. But I am nowhere close to being 50.

Anyway, this is the latest phishing scam. They try to convince you that you've got an account set up with these sites (and some people who get the emails probably do) and then they get you enter a password into a fake site. It's all pretty transparent and yet people fall for it. And really, I guess I can understand why. When I saw those emails, even I was tempted to open them to see what all they had to say. Fortunately, I was too naturally paranoid to give into the temptation.

What I did do is I reported all of the emails as a phising scam and then I blocked the senders without opening a single one. It really sucks that there's stuff like this going on in the world but that's just the way things are.