I miss my morning and afternoon commutes.

I never though I'd say that as traffic going into and coming out of Dallas used to be my favorite thing to complain about but I've been working from home for close to 11 months now and I miss my regular commute commute. I miss seeing all of the familiar buildings. I miss singing along to Britney Spears while merging onto the expressway. I miss seeing the familiar cars of other people heading to work. I miss yelling at bad drivers. I miss slamming down on my brakes. I even miss the times when I was stuck in traffic and I would actually get bored enough to listen to the local radio stations.

Looking back, I can see that commute brought some structure to my life. It provided a nice pair of bookends to my day. Now, I can pretty much do whatever I want. I finish all of my work on Monday and the rest of the week is pretty much mine to do whatever I want with. And while I appreciate the freedom, I'm definitely missing the structure.

Mostly, I'm just missing the way the world use to be. Hopefully, we'll get it back someday.