I just got back from the bank.

Depositing money always makes me feel good. It's not just the money part of it. There's the whole "this is what adult people do" part of it, as well. This was my first visit to the bank since the entire lockdown began and, even if I couldn't go in the lobby, I was still happy to see that it was open and operating. After the nonstop doom and gloom that I've gotten from so many people during this quarantine, it's always kind of a relief to experience first hand the fact that the apocalypse did not happen.

That said, I fear that some people out there are currently addicted to the idea that the world is ending. It's like the pandemic finally gave them the opportunity that they were waiting for to totally lose touch with reality. I have been shocked by the number of people who I have seen who actually seem to be upset whenever they get good news.

For instance, when one friend of mine heard that the death rate in Texas was going down as opposed to up, she snapped, "Just wait two weeks!" That was four weeks ago. She still keeps saying that, in two weeks time, people will be dying in the streets. Stuff like that gets tedious after awhile.

I guess that's the way of the world, though. Everyone knows you get more sympathy online from being anxious than from being hopeful.

Oh well. At least I still have my bank.