The usual Bowman-Marchi-Etxeberria family tradition is that we all get together for Memorial Day weekend. For obvious reasons, we weren't able to do that this year, which is kind of depressing. Hopefully, next year, we'll all be able to be together again.

On the plus side, it did rain today. In fact, it's supposed to rain for the next 7 days straight. So, at the very least, I can say that even if we had been able to get together, we all would have been stuck inside so it's not like I missed a chance to lay out by the pool and work on my tan. (Of course, thanks to my red hair, I'm incapable of tanning but still, I do like to try.) Of course, sometimes, being stuck inside with people with who you love leads to the best holiday memories.

Anyway, I am currently binging Night Gallery, which is a horror anthology series from the 70s. Two Christmases ago, I got the complete series on DVD and I said, "I'm going to binge this right now!" Better late than never, I guess!