Yesterday, the groundhog that can tell the weather apparently saw it's shadow and declared that winter was nearly over.

Today, I found out that apparently Dallas is going to get hit by a blizzard on Wednesday. Well, maybe not blizzard but the temperatures are supposed to plunge and it might snow. It's definitely supposed to rain. We'll probably just get a lot of ice. That's seems to be the way that it usually goes down here.

But anyway, speaking for myself, I think it's time that we find a more reliable animal to make our weather predictions. Groundhogs are cute but I just don't trust them. Why not ask a cat for it's opinion? Cats will always tell you the truth without worrying about hurting your feelings.

It's time to give up Groundhog Day, though the groundhog should still be protected and given a pension because he's cute. From now on, February 2nd will be Cat Day!