So, it's the second Monday of October and, as always, there's a lot of debate over what this day should be called.

Traditionally, it was Columbus Day but Columbus has been judged to have an inadequately woke. (As if anyone in the 15th Century was woke by today's standards.) So, some people are now calling this Indigenous Peoples Day, which is okay except for the fact that it kind of leaves me out.

For the reason, I've decided that today can be three things. Yes, it's Columbus Day. Yes, it's Indigenous Peoples Day. But for me, this is Irish-Italian-Spanish Heritage Day and it's all about celebrating me and my sisters. Now, obviously, I'm not going to make too big a deal about this in public. This is kind of a private holiday, anyway. It's mostly a Bowman thing. But still, today is a day for celebrating so get out there and celebrate!

And above all, have a happy Irish-Italian-Spanish Heritage Day!