A friend of mine passed away this weekend. His name was Gary and he was an addiction counselor who loved to review movies. Four years ago, I helped him set up his first site, which he called Cracked Rearviewer. He also posted film reviews over at my site, Through the Shattered Lens. Shortly before he died, he had been hired to write reviews at The Film Detective. That's a lot in just four years but Gary was a very prolific and very positive reviewer. He loved movies and, even more importantly, he loved telling people about movies.

I'm just sitting here very depressed right now. Though I never told him, Gary occasionally reminded me of my Dad so his passing is really hitting me beyond the normal sadness that we all feel after losing a friend. I'm in the middle of the annual October Horrorthon at the Shattered Lens and over at Horror Critic but today, I don't feel like writing anything. Today, I guess I just want to be left alone.