I really should be asleep right now and I would be if not for the fact that The Cutting Edge, one of my favorite ice skating movies, was on PopTV tonight. I stayed up late too watch and now, at nearly three in the morning, I'm getting hit with a burst of energy that should keep me up through the rest of Friday. That's what happens when you don't get to bed at the appropriate hour. I'm watching Like A Country Song, a 2012 film that I found on my DVR. It's a faith-based film, with everything that implies, but it's still ideal for late night viewing precisely because it doesn't demand a good deal of thought. It's a film that you can watch while resting your mind.

That, by the way, is the key to getting by with little sleep. Right now, if I got to bed, I'll have to get up in just a few hours and I'll be tired and cranky for the rest of Friday, largely because I'll still be half-asleep for most of the day. By just staying awake but resting my mind, I'll be able to get through the day with no trouble. These are the type of things that you learn to do when you're naturally hyperactive.

I was just checking in on twitter and apparently, there's a big story in Buzzfeed that suggests that there's now proof that President Trump encouraged people to lie to Congress. If the story's true and if there really is proof, I imagine we'll have to go through an impeachment trial. (There's no way that Trump would voluntarily resign.) To be honest, the prospect of impeachment is enough to make me seriously consider deleting all of my social media accounts. Right now, twitter is damn near unreadable because of all the political bullshit. If it's not the Trump cultists defending everything he does, it's the Resistance with their dreary prose and their nonstop outrage. (I've lost so much respect for so many people over the past three years.) Twitter's going to turn into a war zone if people are live tweeting an impeachment.

What's hilarious is that most of the people tweeting about impeachment have no idea how impeachment works. They seem to think that if the House votes to the impeach, the means that Trump is out of office. That's not true at all. The House can vote to impeach but it's up to the Senate to decide whether or not to actually do it. It's not just the ignorance of people on twitter that gets on my nerves. It's the fact that they actually get upset when you correct them on it. I mean, if your life depends on Trump getting impeached, shouldn't you at least know how the process works?

I don't know. People are stupid. That's the sad fact that I've been forced to acknowledge over the past few years. You may want to believe that people aren't stupid. You might tell yourself that they're not. But no -- most people are just dumb.

I'm also upset that anti-Semitism is apparently socially acceptable now. It's very depressing to see how many of my acquaintances are not only okay with people who are obviously anti-Semitic but who will also eagerly make excuses for their bigotry. My best friend recently told me that she's thinking of returning to Israel, specifically because she doesn't feel safe with what America is becoming. For her, my heart breaks. In the past, Jeff and I have always talked about moving to the UK if things got bad here. (Jeff has dual citizenship.) But, if a loathsome bigot like Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, then the UK will be just as bad the US. Who knows? We all might end up in Israel.

I wish my thoughts this late night were happier. Maybe they will be tomorrow night. We'll see!

Update: Later in the day, it turned out that the Buzzfeed story that I mentioned in this post was most probably false. This seems to happen a lot nowadays.