Koko the Gorilla died in her sleep on June 19th. She was 46 years old, which means she lived quite a long life in gorilla years.

Koko was best known for being able to speak in sign language. There's some debate to just how big her vocabulary actually was but still, that's a pretty big accomplishment. Her trainer claimed that Koko understood 1,000 unique signs. I'm a human being with a reasonably high IQ and I don't understand a single one. Koko also apparently had a gentle spirit. Ever since her death was announced, I've been seeing clips of her hugging celebrities like Robin Williams.

Of course, I'll always know Koko as being the gorilla who adored cats, raised kittens, and who reportedly cried when told that her first pet had been hit by a car. To be honest, I'm getting emotional just writing about it. If nothing else, it's proof that humans are not the only creatures on this planet capable of love.

Rest in peace, Koko.