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In case you missed it, it is currently Shark Week on the SyFy network. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No will be premiering this Wednesday and, in honor of that historic event, SyFy has devoted this week to broadcasting some of their trademark original movies. Along with showing such classics asJersey Shore Shark Attack, Shark Week, Two-Headed Shark Attack, and Ghost Shark,SyFy is also premiering 6 new shark films.

Roboshark, the first of these premieres, was aired on Saturday night. Now, obviously, there was no way that I would be able to resist watching a film with a title like Roboshark.

Roboshark, like many great SyFy films, opens with something falling out of the sky and landing in the ocean. A chunk of UFO plunges into the water and is promptly eaten by a normal, every day shark. Soon, that shark is transformed into ‘«™ ROBOSHARK! With its fins glowing red and a twitter account of his very own, Roboshark attacks Seattle.

That‘«÷s right! Roboshark destroys a Starbucks, eats hipsters, and eventually takes out an eccentric billionaire named Bill Glates (Steve Sires) and it‘«÷s all a lot of fun to watch. And before everyone decides to leave a snarky comment pointing out my typo, allow me to assure you that the character was indeed named Bill Glates. However, he looked and sounded just like Bill Gates and, seeing as how Windows 8.1 has had 40 updates this month alone, there was something undeniably satisfying about seeing him get eaten by a roboshark.

As often happens in SyFy film, Roboshark isn‘«÷t really bad. He‘«÷s just misunderstood. He uses his twitter account to communicate with Melody (Vanessa Grasse), the daughter of Trish (Alexis Peterman), the local ‘«£wacky weathergirl‘«ō who is looking to prove herself as a serious journalist by covering the roboshark attack. Unfortunately, Trish continually finds herself overshadowed by her rival reporter, Veronica (Laura Dale, giving a nicely comedic performance).

Meanwhile, Trish‘«÷s husband, Rick (Matt Rippy), has been half-recruited and half-kidnapped by Admiral Black (brilliant Nigel Barber), who is determined to save the world from Roboshark, even if he has to destroy the Seattle Space Needle to do it. (‘«£But the Space Needle is the symbol of Seattle!‘«ō Rick protests.) Admiral Black is addicted to energy drinks and seems to be having a lot of fun being the craziest guy in the room. His character was a lot of fun.

Actually, the whole film is a lot of fun. Roboshark is a great example of everything that we love about SyFY films. It was a deliberately over-the-top film full of inside jokes and a really cool monster. And I‘«÷m not just saying that because Roboshark retweeted me several times on Saturday night.

(Though he totally did! Love you, Roboshark!)

Roboshark is the type of film that must be watched with a large group of people looking to have a good (and silly) time. It‘«÷s the type of film that literally begged to be live tweeted and, needless to say, that‘«÷s exactly what a lot of us did.

If you missed Roboshark the first time, keep an eye out for it! It‘«÷s everything we love about SyFy shark movies!