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Spektrum DX3R is coming!

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  • Spektrum DX3R is coming!

    This really looks like a nice radio with all the improvements you might ask for, or dose it?

    Click image for larger version

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    Tthe DX3R scheduled to come out this summer.

    30 model memory - Many of the better radio's like the M8 and M11 and Futaba come with this feature, Up to 30 different Models can be stored in the memory of the transmitter. Sure it sounds nice you can have 30 RC car's and each one can be set up in the memory and saved.

    One, it only takes a few minutes to bind a receiver to the transmitter and set it up, and two I would prefer it if the transmitter would control one model flawlessly and never have a glitch, static electricity issue, binding problem or loose it's settings. I don't see the real advantage of this 30 model memory, now if you could control a single model with multiple transmitters, and no conflicts provided one one is switched on at a time, that would be helpful. You would think this may be possible with the next feature on the list...

    Model Match - With ModelMatch, a unique code is assigned to each receiver during the binding process. SR3100 can recognize which specific model has been selected in the DX3R. If the ModelMatch code doesn??t match, the SR3100 will not provide any input to the model.

    The DX3R is completely backwards-compatible with existing Spektrum receivers, allowing you to utilize any SR3000, SR3100, or SR3500 receivers you may currently have. This is a good thing it was nice of them not to force us to buy all new receivers. Even though the resale value of these Spektrum receivers is somewhere near an incredible 95% of the retail price on ebay.

    Click image for larger version

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    Since the DX3R uses a 100% digital signal and transmission method, it requires significantly less power to operate. Thanks to this advancement, the DX3R uses only four AA batteries for power. This greatly reduces the DX3R??s overall weight and improves the feel and balance of the radio. Only 4 AA Batteries sounds nice on the surface but only time will tell if you can make the weekend with out charging. Looks like a pretty big display to me and it's back lit, it's been my personal experience with other back lit screen's on tools I own ect. that this feature will drain batteries rapidly.

    My conclusion

    Since I only have the cheaper model spektrum transmitter's myself, an original DX3 (this radio give's me trouble!) and a spare DX2 (so far this radio has been ok) I will probably purchase this radio when it becomes available, Advertised for $309 on A-main Hobbies available July 22nd, and $319 on available early August, This radio will be the most cost effective option for a professional radio system when it hit's the market. I will continue searching the net for information and I will post it here as I obtain it.

    Questions still remain with regards to package contents, It's been stated that this transmitter will come with one receiver but will it come with any servo's? will they release a version 2 months later that come's with a second "free" receiver? What will the warranty be on the unit? Will it be another 1 year like before? I bought my DX3 new from a hobby shop for $250 in July of 2005, in August of 2005 they were selling for the same price but with a free second receiver. At this time the unit is broken, out of warranty and since It's my primary radio, and I race in a club points series It will be difficult to send the unit in for repair. I may have to use my old Futaba radio temporarily, it's about 10 years old and still works well.


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    This is what it say's now on the A-main hobbies web site.

    This product will be in stock on Friday 26 October, 2007.

    I guess the date is still getting pushed back, Thats going to be a tuff month to sell new radio's, our race schedule will be finished by then!



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      Just got this for $319 and free shipping, no tax from Ebay!

      ready for the season now!