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Klipsch Chorus II

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  • Klipsch Chorus II

    My Wife and I purchased these Klipsch Chorus II speakers back around 1990 some time. I think I recall paying $1500. They have defiantly been impressive in both appearance and sound for a long time.

    When we used to play them up very loud in our younger years, I remember when you would judge the speaker by several important things. Size, has it knocked anything off the wall yet? (the base these will produce can knock pictures off the wall and make a CD player skip, ect...) They will in fact bring the cops fairly quick if you choose the right or wrong day to have a party.

    It's been awhile since I have been able to enjoy them like I used too but I was recently able to obtain the parts to repair one of them. One of the diaphragm's had gone bad and I only recently was able to purchase the part from Ebay to make them rock once again.