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    Thanks Myke for creating this forum...

    Basically a forum for all things music. Recording, listening, etc.

    About Me

    I am a "at home" musician - when not at my regular job or watching my kids. My main weapons of choice are guitars. I have a small home studio setup using Sonar 8.5 for a DAW. A M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 Midi Controller which acts as my keyboard and control surface for Sonar. Got a E-MU 1820 Audio card with a breakout box that handles all my I/O. Couple of M-Audio BX8a monitors and 2 Roland KC500 Amplifiers for sonic destruction. All my working guitars are fitted with Roland MIDI pickups that I run into a Roland VG-99. (The most awesome guitar effects unit ever IMO). Got several other rackmount effects units. Some I still use, some are holding dust.

    As far as recorded music, got a little over 600 GIG in MP3's. Lot's of different genres. From ABBA to ZZ TOP and more. Main focus on Metal / Hard Rock, but sometimes I might throw on some Mozart or Celtic Women. Let's just say I listen to a little of everything.

    So if anyone wishes to talk about music, musicians, music gear, or whatever else related, I will check in this forum.