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    Two years ago I opened a post office box. I did this to prepare for all the help that I would provide wanna be writers. I like to be prepared. Countless accounts on Twitter were begging for help with their respective writing projects. Begging as in can ANYONE help proofread my work? I thought Hey! I'm an anyone! I scored a 500 on the six credit english composition CLEP without any preparation, not that you could tell by my writing, that's a different story for another time.

    I sincerely like to help people for free so I opened the PO box and started to DM my address to all these people. Well I found out over two years that I must not be an ANYONE. I have never been messaged back nor have I received any manuscripts.

    The few that have self published thru Amazon, well, I have read your work. They all have errors. Most common was too, to, two, usage. #2. was the, most often spelled he. #3. tale. Monsters don't have six feet tales, maybe tailes.

    When I worked at KSC and the Cape I collected a lot of memorabilia. The organization I worked for had flight kit space on each shuttle and we could include small light patches and mini flags on the missions into orbit. Weight versus chemical rocket propulsion is always a concern so everything had to be light.

    Not knowing what to do with boxes of stuff, my kids never showed interest in what I did, I decided to start sending things to people in this group on twitter that I hung out with, turn the PO box into a positive thing. I was able to send a collectable STS challenge coin to one very interesting lady whom I like to talk to and a small cloth american flag, with the official flight kit letter, that went to space to a very funny lady that I share a birthdate with.

    With that success I started to DM other people that belonged to this group a year ago and ask them if they would be interested in any of this launch stuff. I received no response. Not one in a year.

    I have closed my PO box and turned the keys in.
    So much for the social part of social media.
    So that is my tail, or is it tale...

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    I'm sorry, I can't help chuckling. Part of awareness in social media is putting this out into the forum two years ago and reminding people with links so they'll know what's going on.

    My challenge is Word documents. Blog editors and manuscript submissions through MS Word are very different constructs. No one prints out proofreading material any more. I'd be happy to secretly share a Word document with you here and there (she announces on a public forum...)

    Also, YES, I want the launch stuff, are you kidding??? Holy cow, dude. I am frightfully inadequate at understanding interchange unless it's literally spelled out to me, sometimes several times. But I think part of this is that I understand exactly what I'd be getting, other people might not. You've had to be discreet.

    I would like to challenge you to share more about what this is really about here in the forum, let people know a little more about your background in one easy to find collected thread, some of the stuff you've survived, etc. Your writing is a little bit scattered. Make it easy for us to find you. Put links from here to the awesome pix you get of the wildlife in your back yard, and links to your blog posts showing the renovations you've done pretty much singlehandedly for people across the country. Part of social media is cross linking and then link sharing.

    Just a reminder- Barry followed me for an entire year on twitter before I figured him out, and I'm the stats and analytics queen. Some people even thought his account was me playing tricks. It was an intriguing mind game, and a fun puzzle, and because I pursued it, I got some awesome secrets that I'm not telling anyone, because I think I'm not supposed to. If you guys knew who this guy really was, you'd likely be paying more attention.

    I really would like to see more in this thread now, and I bet others would, too. It's your call.
    790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
    I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.


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      Let me try this again. I did this yesterday and must have hit the reply button again by mistake. I wrote the first post the way I imagined the writers I was talking about wrote their books. Head down, pounding the keyboard with ten fingers at the speed of sound, not looking up, then hitting post while not looking back. This was like the Jackson Pollock of writing.
      I understand what you're getting at Pinky, I read the black parts and the space in between the black parts. Grandpa thought that maybe he would have a lot more interaction with a certain group of smartass people we hang (hung) out with online and that maybe there would be a snail mail exchange of ideas and such. However, it did not work out that way. There was no response to any DM that I send to any of them except as noted. I think I have scared them off. I also did not want to give out my physical address.
      I will consider what you have written and I thank you for caring enough to be so nice.


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        Animal visitors on trail cam, still no bigfeet, fingers crossed!


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          geez, i have a bunch of cleaning up to do. remember google plus?


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            no, never used it

            I am unsure if I read this message correctly, it was 4 years ago when you originally posted it?

            I believe that if I had read this thread before, the situation I later created would have been avoided, just note...

            Please feel free to reach out to me for any reason, I may be oblivious to things happening around me most of the time, but it dose not mean that I not interested in getting to know you, or collaborating together with you and our friend Pinky on any projects. You may need to be direct as I am often distracted and heavily invested into whatever my currant obsession is.

            There must have been some addition conversation in another thread or something that helps explain it also.

            Life is throwing everyone a curve ball this past few years


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              Nothing directed at you boss. Was referring to cleaning up all of my broken post links since they no longer exist. G+ disappeared along with my links to pics. Onward.


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                I dumped my G pluses when Google alerted they'd no longer be supported, was pretty cranky about it. Hope you guys are having decent holidays. =) We're about to get baby bombed.
                790: You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.
                I have no sense of self-preservation and I can always be reassembled.