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    I think of myself as typical a consumer of electronic products like computer's, hardware, televisions and Wi-Fi routers or any devices from most of the manufacturers, be it apple or android, Sony or Samsung. I find myself researching the products before I purchase them, I try educate myself before I through down the $200 for a new router or $700 on a new TV.

    I read allot of product reviews, I search the internet for as much information about the items before I buy them. I think allot of people are the same as me, that's why they put the comments section under the product descriptions.

    It seams to me that you must be careful not to rely only on the bad reviews, but you also need to read the good one's too. Some products have 50/50 ratio good to bad, if I only read the bad one's I would never buy anything. I cant help but wonder to myself, how many people who buy the items, use it daily without any problems actually take the time to write a good review? I think it's becoming obvious that this method is flawed, the system in place where product reviews do not show all the information is broken. We need more details such as quantity sold, projected life cycle and statistical information to be an educated consumer. To not purchase a product based on 100 bad reviews, when a million have been sold makes no sense.

    Thanks for listening,

    Partially education consumer,


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    You make a very good point. I probably rely to much on Newegg for the technical aspects of products. I don't read others comments.