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Streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime or xbmc from your device to your TV

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  • Streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime or xbmc from your device to your TV

    Playing with all my devices that are capable of streaming video to my TV this week, here is some information and a short review of there performance for each of the devices I tested myself. This information might be helpful to some people who have the same questions I had. Here is my list in no particular order.

    Apple TV Second generation - I have found that this unit works well to stream from Netflix, the playback is smooth and it performs well for this. It cannot stream from Amazon Prime without a iphone or ipad connected via the built in apple air play. You download the Amazon instant video app on your iphone or ipad and then connect it via the air play on the apple tv to stream from your phone or tablet. I found this to deliver choppy and glitchy performance at best and although it technically works, I wouldn't recommend it for any real movie or show watching. On a side note, the apple TV first generation unit when properly hacked to install xbmc are a wonderful video streaming device, the xbmc addon works flawlessly for streaming any Networked video files or DVD's you own. I recommend this unit. The apple TV first gen are reported to work well also, however the newer units cannot run xbmc

    Original Microsoft xbox gaming console - As you would assume the original xbox game system ( still available at Game Stop for $50 ) can also use the fantastic xbmc addon for streaming networked video content that you own, with a few modifications. Although it may be able to play netflix videos I have not been able to test this myself. I have used these game consoles for many years and they have always been my favorite, they work perfectly for so many things when setup correctly.

    xbox 360 - this will stream netflix but will not run xbmc

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - with MHL to HDMI Adapter cable $8, I was able to stream both Amazon Prime and Netflix with no problems.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 - with MHL to HDMI Adapter cable $8, I was able to stream both Amazon Prime and Netflix with no problems.

    NeoTV - This small little $50 device will stream Netflix perfectly and I recommend it. It will not stream Amazon Prime or run xbmc.

    RoKu - These will stream both Netflix and Amazon prime but are priced slightly higher at around $75, I have not yet tested it but I've read that some of the older unit's can be used to run xbmc.

    Kindle Fire - Our unit is the second generation (2012) model and although it will play both Amazon Prime and Netflix it will not stream to a TV, my research indicates the next model being the Kindle Fire HD came with a HDMI port and will connect to a HD TV.

    Android HDMI stick - I tried one of these and although it can stream Netflix and play xbmc I found the performance to be choppy and glitchy with frequent lock ups, not recommended.

    Sony PS3- our console streamed netflix good while it worked, but shortly after the warranty period was up it self destructed and I have not bought another one. Not recomended.

    This is just a list of the devices I own and have personally tested for this, I'm sure there are others that work well, anyone else ever used something to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime or run xbmc that is not on my list? Please tell me about it.