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1New Chat Room for for Services type: !trivia to start a new 10 question game. !Horo For your horoscope. !news to see the channel news.PaddieSaturday 30th December 2017 20:53:10
2Resent Blog posts: by Barry 30th December 2017 20:54:10
3We took the last few weeks off from #LateNightMovie for the holidaysPaddieSaturday 30th December 2017 20:56:07
4This week we are back with 30th December 2017 20:57:38
5New Features Added: Chat Window in Full Page! In the bottom right corner of this page is a link. Click Chat Help, top Left for more informationPaddieSaturday 30th December 2017 20:59:13
6If you feel like you need to run for help from these movies just type !quit Click the Quit button or type /q to exit the room with style! Otherwise.....Welcome to #LateNightMovie!PaddieSaturday 30th December 2017 21:03:46
7Read the lastest Blog posts From Lisa! 20th February 2018 13:52:55

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