On days when I get home from work early enough I like to watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory while I eat. I have missed almost two seasons of episodes, so a bunch of them are new to me. Last week the rerun I saw was the eleventh episode of the eighth season titled, The Cleanroom Infiltration. This episode is when the genius boys accidentally allow a bird inside a cleanroom, contaminating the cleanroom. Many hijinks ensue while attempting to rid the room of flying fowl.

But wait! Lightbulb! I remember seeing some footage of cleanroom work in real life.
This short clip is of pulling oxidizer samples in a cleanroom prior to loading oxidizer on board a spacecraft. It shows what happens when somebody forgets to tighten important fittings and really contaminates a clean room. This is the point when everyone involved gets real silent, and you pray there is no imperfection in your suit.

Why pull samples? In a vacuum, fuel requires its own onboard oxidizer to burn. If you fail to load clean fuel and oxidizer you basically just spent millions on an orbiting paperweight.

I originally wanted to title the clip, What it Takes to Spray Tan POTUS, but you don't get my snarkacidness; and the ability to take a joke is at an all-time low in this country.