I'm a bit of connoisseur when it comes to commercials for prescription medication. I'm a bit jealous of the people in the new Latuda commercial, which features people who have been diagnosed Bipolar holding up paintings that they've done to represent how they're feeling. I wish I could paint as well as the people in the commercial!

I'm also jealous of the Skyrizzi commercials, because the people in that commercial live in a big lakehouse, with a dock and a picnic table and everything else. I have no idea what Skyrizzi is supposed to treat. I think it's for some sort of skin condition or something, I don't know. But I do know that the house is really nice, My family has a nice lakehouse up at Lake Texoma but it technically belongs to my cousins so I always have to make sure that they're not using it before I use it.

There's also a commercial for some sort of psoriasis medication, which features this really scary-looking couple out on a date. They're scary because the guy has got this scraggly beard and this serial killer smile. I'm not jealous of them.