The year is nearly over and it's time to start making resolutions for 2021.

My main resolution is to listen to more 70s disco music. I still feel that the 2020s is going to have more in common with the 1920s and the 1970s than with the 60s or the 30s or any of those other boring decades. People are getting tired of being told what to do. They're tired of being scolded and nagged. Just as pandemic and war-weary generations embraced decadence in the 1920s and the 70s, the same thing is going to happen in the 2020s.

Personally, I'm looking forward to it. After this year, I've about had it with nagging know-it-alls and social media shamers. I'm looking forward to 2021 but then again, I always look forward to everything. Positivity has always been the key to my success.

Have a great year, everyone!